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QuickBooks Payroll Support, Why is it the Need of the Hour!!

Handling payroll is among small business owners’ most complex and challenging accounting tasks. However, the QuickBooks payroll service offered by Intuit revolutionized how businesses previously managed payroll. Users can integrate payroll service with QuickBooks Online and QB Desktop to calculate taxes, pay employees, and get access to HR benefits and live time tracking. You even get the option of same-day direct deposit and automatic tax filing backed by tax penalty protection. However, with all these advanced features, QuickBooks has several critical payroll errors. You can troubleshoot these errors manually, but it takes time and precision that not everyone possesses.

Additionally, if you encounter a payroll error near employees’ payday or tax filing, it will be a living nightmare. Opting for QuickBooks payroll support can be an excellent alternative to save yourself from severe losses.

What is the Need for QuickBooks Payroll Support?

A genuine question that comes into every QuickBooks user’s mind is why they should opt for QuickBooks payroll service. It is not that you cannot handle or hire new employees to form a separate payroll department. The point is it’s an expensive and complicated process for already established businesses or startups. With QuickBooks-assisted payroll support, every business will get professional help in calculating and paying the remunerations of the employees through DD and eliminate the chance of overpaying or underpaying them. Also, you will be free from the stress of manually calculating, filing, and paying taxes to the government, as the support team will handle it.

What is the Need for QuickBooks Payroll Support?

Benefits of QuickBooks Payroll Service for Small Businesses

As we all know by now, overseeing smooth payroll operations is an obligation for every organization that must be fulfilled at any cost. Payroll processing delays can lead to distressed company employees and negatively impact the business’s reputation. Further, issues in the payroll process can create a fuss, and you might enter into legal problems with the federal and state governments regarding paying taxes. Therefore, using QuickBooks payroll service will benefit you, especially as a small business owner. Let us take a look at the advantages of QuickBooks payroll support:

  • You will get 24/7 QuickBooks payroll support in the lowest turnaround period.
  • Our QuickBooks-assisted payroll support will gently remind you of the latest tax filing forms, such as 1096 and W-2 1099. Also, before filing these forms, our experts will thoroughly review them.
  • Federal and state payroll taxes, which include your year-end filings, are calculated, filed, and paid automatically.
  • Our professionals will help you generate paychecks with tax calculations in no time, making this cumbersome tax filing task one of the most manageable tasks of your company.
  • You can get help if you run into problems while updating QuickBooks payroll, upgrading the payroll services, or transferring data from QB Desktop payroll to QuickBooks Online.
  • You will get QuickBooks Online payroll support, QuickBooks desktop payroll support for all versions, and QuickBooks for Mac.
  • Eliminating payroll errors will be quick and easy.

Types of QuickBooks Payroll Errors Users Can Get

Most QuickBooks users are unaware that payroll errors in QuickBooks fall into various series. We have formed a list of all the possible QuickBooks payroll errors with the designated codes to make it easy for you to identify them whenever they are encountered.

QuickBooks 15xxx Series Errors

You might receive one of the following error codes while downloading the latest payroll tax table updates.

QuickBooks Error 15101

An issue in the QuickBooks application folder might provoke a 15101 error. To fix it, run the reboot.bat file and re-register QuickBooks Desktop to install payroll updates.

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QuickBooks Error 15215

Error code 15215 relates to QuickBooks application update or maintenance release issues. It occurs when QuickBooks cannot verify the digital signature of a file required for the update process. Try configuring Internet Explorer settings and using the QB install diagnostic tool to eliminate it.

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QuickBooks Error 15240

Improper configuration of the Windows firewall settings, Internet Explorer security settings, or incorrect setup of date and time zones on the system might provoke a 15240 error. Correctly configuring all these settings can eliminate the issue.

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QuickBooks Error 15270

Connectivity issues might trigger the 15270 error and stop QuickBooks from downloading tax table updates. It can be due to the Windows firewall that restricts QuickBooks from connecting to the internet. To fix it, run QuickBooks file doctor to re-configure firewall settings or create exceptions for QuickBooks executable files in firewall exceptions.

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QuickBooks Error 15276

If you cannot verify the digital signature in QuickBooks Desktop, it interrupts downloading the latest tax table updates on the system. Get a fresh digital signature certificate for the QuickBooks Desktop application to rectify this issue.

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QuickBooks Error 15102

If the shared download drive was not mapped correctly, it might provoke error code 15102. Try to reset the path of the shared download drive.

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QuickBooks Error 15243

You might get a 15243 error if the Intuit File Copy Service (FCS) service is disabled. It can happen due to a corrupted Windows registry or incomplete installation of the QuickBooks application. Try to enable FCS on Windows and get QuickBooks payroll updates again.

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QuickBooks Error 15241

If the QB software File Copy Service (FCS) is disabled, you cannot manage the file transfer process necessary to update QuickBooks or payroll service. To fix it, enable the FCS service on the system.

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QuickBooks Error 15320

This error appears when a Windows Firewall or third-party Antivirus program blocks the installation of the latest payroll update. To eliminate it, disable or re-configure the antivirus program and re-check the firewall settings on the system.

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QuickBooks Error 15311

When you cannot verify the digital signature certificate in QuickBooks due to misconfiguration of the Windows firewall, it restricts the payroll updates. Reconfigure Windows Firewall settings to get the digital signature certificate without any issues.

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QuickBooks Error 15212

When the network discovery and file-sharing option is turned off on the system, downloading payroll updates can get interrupted. Enable the network discovery and try again to get the latest QuickBooks payroll updates.

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QuickBooks Error 15222

Third-party antivirus applications restrict QuickBooks from getting payroll updates. Add QuickBooks and Intuit as exceptions in the third-party antivirus application to fix the issue.

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QuickBooks Error 15242

Error 15242 might arise when the Internet Explorer function required to register QuickBooks digital signature isn’t working. To rectify the issue, you can run the Reboot.bat file to re-register the QB digital signature.

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QuickBooks Error 15271

If a file or component important for payroll updates is missing or damaged, you might receive a 15271 error message. Running the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool from Tool Hub can rectify the issue. Also, incompatibility between Windows and QuickBooks can be a triggering factor that should be considered.

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QuickBooks PSxxx Series Errors

You might face PS series errors while downloading or installing the latest payroll updates necessary to calculate taxes according to recent government regulations. The following are all the error codes that you can encounter in the PS series.

QuickBooks Error PS101

If the internet browser settings are incorrect, QuickBooks cannot connect to the web to download the payroll updates. To fix it, check the browser settings and make the necessary modifications.

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QuickBooks Error PS107

If you are trying to get payroll updates in an outdated QuickBooks Desktop software, you might encounter error PS107. Update QB to the latest release, followed by updating the payroll service.

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QuickBooks Error PS077

If you have not updated the QuickBooks application in a while, it can interrupt the download and installation of payroll updates in the form of error PS077. Update QuickBooks and try to get the latest payroll updates again.

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QuickBooks Error PS034

Issues in the QuickBooks application installation can interrupt payroll updates; to fix the problem, run a manual repair on QuickBooks from the Control Panel in Windows.

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QuickBooks Error PS033

You might face PS033 when a file is damaged in the CPS folder. To fix the issues, you can rename the CPS folder. Also, you can disable the User Account Control and reboot the system in safe mode.

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QuickBooks Error PS038

You get this error code because the paychecks get stuck as ‘Online to Send’ when sent to Intuit for further processing. To fix it, try to identify the stuck paychecks and toggle the unsent checks. Finally, try to send the usage or payroll data to Intuit again to check if this resolves the error.

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QuickBooks Error PS058

If the QuickBooks company file containing all the payroll data gets corrupted or damaged, you might get this error. Employ the Verify and Rebuild tool to eliminate the problems in the company file and download the latest tax table updates again.

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QuickBooks Error PS036

Incorrect or invalid QuickBooks payroll subscription or incorrect service key is one of the significant reasons for error code PS036. Check and try to reactivate the payroll subscription to resolve this error.

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QuickBooks Error PS032

If your payroll billing details are incorrect or outdated or a file in the CPS folder is damaged, you might face a PS032 error code. Re-verifying the billing details and renaming the CPS folder can fix the issue.

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QuickBooks Error PS060

Unregistered QuickBooks application, incorrect payroll information, and damaged QB Desktop folder might be the reasons for provoking error code PS060. To fix it, ensure the service info is correct, QB software is registered, and run a repair on the QuickBooks program.

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QuickBooks 12xxx Series Errors

You might get the following QuickBooks error codes while downloading QuickBooks payroll or QB Desktop updates. The connectivity issue is the primary reason for these 12xxx series error codes.

QuickBooks Error 12002

You get this error when the QuickBooks software cannot connect to the internet because of incorrect browser and security settings or restrictions by Windows Firewall or an Antivirus program. Verify all these settings to identify and resolve the issue.

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QuickBooks Error 12009

If Internet Explorer is not set as the default browser on the system, it might lead to incomplete payroll updates. Ensure IE is the default browser and download and run the  Use TLS 1.2 utility to resolve this error.

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QuickBooks Error 12045

Improper setup of date or time on the system might interfere with the update process. Also, payroll update errors like error 12045 might arise if you have multiple installations of QB Desktop of the same version on one system. Enter the correct date and time to fix the issue and eliminate the duplicate copy of QuickBooks to resolve the error.

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QuickBooks Error 12157

Incorrect date and time or improper setup of Internet security or firewall settings on the system can block the QuickBooks payroll updates in the form of error 12157. Ensure correct data and time on the system and reconfigure firewall settings to resolve this error.

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QuickBooks Error 12031

Improper web browser configuration on the system might provoke error code 12031. Check the default browser settings and make the necessary adjustments for downloading updates.

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QuickBooks Error 12007

If the Internet Explorer settings are not configured for QuickBooks Desktop, it causes issues while downloading the updates in the form of error 12007. Review the Internet Explorer settings and reset them if required.

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QuickBooks Error 12052

QuickBooks Desktop needs a stable internet connection to connect with the internet to download the payroll updates. Check if the internet connectivity is stable to avoid such an error.

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QuickBooks Error 12038

Inaccurate internet connection settings or outdated QuickBooks can result in unfinished payroll updates. To fix it, check the internet connection setup. But if that is not an issue in your case, update the QuickBooks application and then try to get the payroll updates.

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QuickBooks Error 12029

When there is a network connectivity issue due to poor internet connection, it might trigger a 12029 error. Connect with your internet provider to resolve this issue.

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QuickBooks Error 12037

You might face error 12037 while getting the most recent tax table updates due to interruptions by third-party security applications. Determine which software or process is preventing the download to resolve the error.

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QuickBooks Error 12057

If the Windows Firewall or third-party antivirus software stops QuickBooks Desktop from accessing the internet, it can result in error 12057. Reconfigure such security applications to resolve this error.

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What are the standard solutions to fix QuickBooks payroll errors?

The following are the standard ways to eliminate QuickBooks payroll errors in QB Desktop and Online:

  • Verify the payroll subscription status.
  • Check the internet connectivity.
  • Re-configure Windows Firewall and antivirus settings.
  • Update QuickBooks payroll.
  • Verify the QuickBooks digital signature.

What are some of the less-known QuickBooks payroll errors?

Error codes 30115, 30102, and 176103 are lesser-known errors that QuickBooks users might encounter. The reasons and solutions might vary for each error. However, all these errors do cause interruptions in the company’s payroll operations and must be resolved under the proper guidance of a QuickBooks payroll support expert.

When do you get QuickBooks Error 15276?

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, you might encounter error 15276 when one of the files that need to be updated is in use and cannot be replaced. To eliminate it, run the Quick Fix My program from the Tool Hub and get the most recent payroll updates afterward.

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