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[Solved] QuickBooks Error PS058: Payroll Won’t Update Issue

QuickBooks error PS058

QuickBooks Payroll feature makes the task of processing, tracking, and managing payroll for our employees easy and sophisticated. However, like every other feature, it also gets affected by certain errors. One such error that affects the functioning of QB Payroll is the QuickBooks Error PS058. It appears when you download and install the latest payroll updates. A variety of factors, like an outdated payroll subscription or merely an internet connection issue, can trigger the error Pso58 while updating payroll. It mostly occurs when the payroll update, download, or installation fails on your system.

To get more insights on the QB error PS058, read out the complete article.

What are the reasons for QuickBooks Error PS058?

The error code PS058 can get triggered because of multiple reasons mentioned here. So, go through the complete list:

  • Your Windows Explorer files have got corrupted.
  • A damaged QB company file may also trigger the error code PS058.
  • The firewall or the other security applications on the system are restricting access to QuickBooks.
  • Your QB company file is not available on the local drive and thus is causing you to face QuickBooks error PS058 while accessing it.

Troubleshooting Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Payroll  Update Error Ps058

Below are the methods to resolve the QuickBooks error PS058. However, make sure to check your payroll subscription before moving ahead with the steps given below:

Note: Do remember to back up your QB company files before beginning the troubleshooting process.

Solution 1: Download the Latest Application Update

The first step is to download the latest released update from the web for the QB application.

  • The first step is to download the patch file ‘qbwebpatch.exe’ from the official website of QuickBooks.
  • Then, ensure that you have a good internet connection on the system, such that the patch file can easily be downloaded without interruption.
  • After that, copy the downloaded patch file to the system on which the QuickBooks Desktop application is installed.
  • Finally, install the patch file that you downloaded and update your tax file from a CD/Flash Drive.

Solution 2: Download the Payroll Updates Again

After you have downloaded the QB Desktop application, you have to try re-downloading the payroll updates. 

  • For this step, go to the QuickBooks payroll server and download the payroll updates again.
  • Then, go to the Help menu in the application and choose the Employees section and click the Get Payroll Updates button.
Download Payroll Update
Download Payroll Update
  • Here you have to check the Download Entire Update checkbox.
  • Then, lastly, choose to download the latest updates for payroll.

Solution 3: Check Your Company File For Errors

Though the error code PS058 is an update error, it is also a wise decision to check for any discrepancy in the QB data file, as it may also create some issues while working on the application. So follow the steps given below to check for any error in the QuickBooks company file.

  • Open your QB Desktop, then your company file.
  • Now, press the key F2 on the keyboard and bring up the Product Information window on the screen.
  • Then, press the F3 key and get the Tech Help window and click on the Open File option.
  • Now, locate and choose your QBWin.log file.
  • When the file opens on your screen, hit the Ctrl+F keys together and open the search bar.
  • Now, type the word Error and hit Enter.
  • If you get any text after hitting the Enter button, then you need to follow the instructions given there to resolve the issue with your file.

Solution 4: Verify Your Payroll Service Key and Payroll Subscription

This method will help you to check if your Payroll Service Key saved in the record is correct. It will also help you to fix the QuickBooks error PS058 by verifying and reactivating the payroll subscription in case it is expired.

  • Open the QB Desktop and click on the Employee tab.
  • Now, move to the My Payroll Service section and opt for the Manage Payroll Service Key.
  • Now, on the Add Payroll window, check if the 12-digit Payroll Service Key, you have entered,  is correct or not.
  • Then, hit the Next and Finish buttons.
  • Now go to the Help tab and scroll down to the Manage My License option, and choose the Sync License Data Online option.
  • After that, reactivate your Payroll subscription if it is inactive. The instructions to do so are given below. The steps may vary a bit as per your Payroll version.
  • For this, again hit the Employee Menu tab in the QB Desktop.
  • And hover over the My Payroll Service section and opt for Account/ Billing Info.
  • Now, you need to use the Intuit credentials and log in to your QB account.
  • Lastly, in the Status section, click the Re-subscribe button and follow the given instructions.

Solution 5: Recheck Your Employee Identification Number

An incorrect EIN can also trigger the QuickBooks Error PS058, so you need to confirm if the number that is saved is correct. The step can change as per the different versions of QB Payroll.

  • Open the QB Desktop and go to the Company tab.
  • Then, go for the My Company option and hit Enter.
  • Then, look to the left and hit on the Company Identification tab.
  • From there, go to the Federal Employer Identification No. section and recheck your EIN number there.
  • If it needs to be updated, update it and hit OK. Or else directly hit OK.
  • Now, click on the Lists tab and hit on the Payroll Item List. Make sure that the  Account ID here reflects the correct number.

Solution 6: Use RegCure and Follow the Given Steps

  • First hit the ctrl+alt+del keys and open the Task Manager.
  • Now, find the qbupdate.exe and qbdagent.exe in the given list of programs.
  • When you find them, close all of them.
Close Programs From Task Manager
Close Programs From Task Manager
  • Then type the word reboot.bat in the search window.
Open Reboot
Open Reboot
  • After that, click twice on the file and open the DOS-type shell.
  • Now wait till it gets closed on its own.
  • After all this, restart your system and download the payroll updates.

To Sum It Up!!

Though the QuickBooks Error PS058 is a little complex to solve, we have tried to simplify the methods to fix it. Follow the steps carefully and eradicate the error from your system. However, you may face other errors also while processing the payroll. So, we recommend you connect with our experts and get expert advice to fix these errors. Call the toll-free number +1-(855)-955-1942 right now.

1. Is it important to have the QuickBooks company file on the local drive of the system to avoid error code PS058?

Yes, it’s important to have your company file on the local drive of the system to avoid facing error PS058. Because not accessing the file from the local drive can trigger such payroll error.

2. How to repair QuickBooks Desktop to resolve error PS058?

You can repair your QB Desktop application using the Command Prompt on the system. Follow the given steps for  Windows 10/8 systems:

a. Open the Command Prompt, then press the Windows logo + X keys on the keyboard.
b. Then, choose the Command Prompt (Admin) option from the onscreen menu.
c. As the command prompt appears, type in sfc /scannow and hit Enter
d. It will scan your files and repair them if corrupted.
e. Once the scan and repair process completes, restart your system and open your QB application again.

3. How can I prevent QB payroll error PS058 from happening again in the future?

To avoid facing error PS058 from happening, make sure to update the QB application regularly. And make sure the internet is strong while downloading the update files to avoid any interruptions. Also verify your payroll service key and subscription.

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