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QuickBooks File Doctor | Resolving Company File Errors in Minutes

How To Download QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks accounting application has revolutionized quite a lot over time; however, its users still get stuck over different errors while using the application. These errors can come across while working on company files, doing updates, or if you are struggling with network issues. However, in 2012, Intuit released a tool named QuickBooks File Doctor to help users deal with several errors that they encounter while working on the application. Then the tool was also integrated with QuickBooks 2016 and later versions. If you are new to the tool, then this blog will make you to understand its download process and how you can use it to fix various issues.

What is QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

QB File Doctor is a free built-in tool integrated with QuickBooks to help users to identify and rectify issues like company file data damage, Network related issues, and update errors. However, the tool is best utilized for resolving 6000 series errors that are mostly related to the company file. The tool identifies the damage and corruption and repairs the issues.

You can download the QBFD tool from an external source if you are using an older version of the application and if the File Doctor Tool is not available with the application itself.

Important Note: Intuit has recently made changes to how you can access the troubleshooting tools for QuickBooks. Previously, you had to download the tools like QuickBooks Install Diagnostics Tool, Clean Installation Tool, Refresher Tool, and File Doctor separately from different download pages. However, now Intuit has introduced QuickBooks Tool Hub, a single utility that makes it much easier to access all of these QB tools in one place. So, you can now use QB File Doctor Tool directly under the Tool Hub.

Before downloading and using the QB File Doctor application, you must be aware of the benefits that the tool can bring to you. These benefits of QBFD 2023 are listed below:

  • The tool helps you to save your time and effort by resolving some of the issues on its own.
  • It helps you to identify and troubleshoot various file issues.
  • It can also fix data corruption issues while scanning the files and folders.
  • It can diagnose network-related issues also.

What Errors Can be Fixed by QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

You can utilize the File Doctor tool to fix most of the errors that you face because of the corruption in your company file. However, go through the list below to know more about the various errors that you can fix by making use of the QuickBooks Repair Tool.

QuickBooks 6000 Series ErrorsQuickBooks Error 6094Different Types of H Series ErrorsOther Errors
QuickBooks Error 6000 832QuickBooks Error 6210QuickBooks Error H202Network Related Errors
QuickBooks Error 6000 95QuickBooks Error 6123QuickBooks Error H505Installation Errors
QuickBooks Error 6000 80QuickBooks Error Code 6073QuickBooks Error H303Error in Updating QuickBooks
QuickBooks Error 6000 77QuickBooks Error 6189 77QuickBooks Error H101Multi-user Mode Errors
QuickBooks Error 6190QuickBooks Error Code 6147 0Other H series errorsDamaged Company Files

Factors to Consider Before Downloading and Using QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Let’s look at the factors that you must consider before actually using the QB File Doctor.

  • Ensure that you have installed the most recent version of the application. However, if you have already installed a previous version on your system, first remove it and then install the latest version to get all the updated features.
  • In case you are QB Desktop application version released after 2015, you will get an inbuilt file doctor tool. However, we recommend you to download the external QuickBooks Tool Hub File Doctor instead of using the inbuilt one.
  • You would require Microsoft .Net 3.5 to download QuickBooks file doctor on Windows 10 OS.
  • For now, the File Doctor tool is only available for users using QB on Windows operating systems, and Mac users can not use it.
  • Make sure to log in as an administrator while using the QBFD.
  • Have good internet connectivity while uploading the file.
  • Check that the file that you have uploaded for the diagnostic purpose is less than 2 GB.
  • Install only one QuickBooks version for effective functioning.
  • Only the standalone version of the QB File Doctor tool can repair the issues with the QBDBMgrN component to host files.

How To Download QuickBooks File Doctor and Install It?

Here, we have tried to explain the easiest way to download & Install the QB file doctor tool:

  • First, you need to Download QuickBooks Tools Hub and press the CTRL + J keys to go to the downloads folder. The most available recent version of Tool Hub is

  • After that, save the file you downloaded on the location you can easily find the file.
  • Then, click on the QuickBooksToolsHub.exe and open the file.


  • For the next step, click Yes and accept the license agreement.
  • Then, hit Next, followed by the Install option.

QuickBooks Tool Hub- Install Shield Wizard

  • Now, when the installation process ends, hit the Finish button.

QuickBooks installation process ends

  • Then, to move ahead with the process, you have to click on the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon.

Note: If you are unable to locate the icon, then press the Start key on the keyboard. And search for QuickBooks Tool Hub and then open the program by clicking on it.

QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • When the Tool Hub opens, go to the Company File Issues option and follow the steps to run the QuickBooks file doctor tool.

Opening QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor

How To Utilize and Run QuickBooks File Doctor?

As mentioned in the article above , there are 2 methods to run the QBFD Tool. First QBFD stand-alone version from the Tool Hub, and the second in-built with the QB Desktop 2016 and later versions itself.

Steps to Run QuickBooks File Doctor from Tool Hub

  • Open the QB Tool Hub and go to the Company File Issues section.
  • Then, choose the option to Run QB File Doctor.
  • Then, in the file doctor, choose the company file having issues. If you can’t find the file name here, choose the Browse button to go to the desired file location.
  • Then, hit on the Continue button.
  • After that, give the QB username and admin password and click Next.

The above processes will initiate the processing of your company file and check for damage in it. It can take up 3 to 5 minutes to scan the file, depending on the size of your company file. After the tool finishes processing your company file, you can restart your QB application and open your company file to check data integrity.

Steps to Run QuickBooks File Doctor from QB Desktop

  • First, open the QB application and the company file.
  • Then, click on the File menu option and choose Utilities, followed by the Repair File option. It will start QB File Doctor Tool.
  • After that, browse and go to your company file.
  • Now, you have to choose between the company file issues or network issues option.
  • Then, enter the QB Admin ID and Password, and afterward, click Next.
  • Lastly, when the tool completes the scan and fixing of your company file, restart your application and desired company file.

Possible Outcomes after using QuickBooks File Doctor

After the File Doctor completes its analysis, it will display one of the following results:

  • No Errors Are Detected: In this case, the QBFD does not identify any real issue in your files. This indicates that your company file is in good shape and does not require any repairs. So, you can log in to your company file and use the Auto Data Recovery Tool and back up the transactions you want.

Auto Data Recovery Tool

  • Errors are Detected and Fixed: This means that the File Doctor has identified and resolved the issues in your company file or network connection. So, you can open your company and restart the device to save all the changes. Also, If your issue has got resolved, please take a backup of your company file.

take a backup of your company file

  • Errors Detected but Not Fixed: In this case, the File Doctor was unable to repair the issues. Here, we recommend you connect with a QB expert and get your issue resolved instead of trying to troubleshoot the error manually.

What Happens When QuickBooks File Doctor Won’t Open?

Apart from the results mentioned above, sometimes you may struggle with the tool itself. It may not work and throw several errors on the screen. Some of the errors that might appear on your screen when you face issues while working with the QB File Doctor Tool:

  • QB File Doctor Not Opening
  • QuickBooks File Doctor File In Use
  • QBFD is Trying To login To The Company File
  • QuickBooks repair utility cannot repair
  • QuickBooks file doctor admin password is not working
  • QuickBooks file doctor takes a long time
  • Download QuickBooks File Doctor 2023 Not Responding
  • QuickBooks File Doctor Stuck On Checking Connectivity

You may also come across other related error messages. In case you get stuck on any of these, then make sure to call and connect on the Tool-free number +1-(855)-955-1942 for instant help.

What Can Be the Causes for QB File Doctor Tool Not Working?

The following might be the possible reasons behind facing issues while working on the QBFD Tool:

  • Your file size might be more than the set limit. As it is set to 200 MB for QuickBooks Pro and 450 MB for QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • Inadequate space on the system for resources like RAM, network cables, interface cards, virtual memory, etc., might also cause issues in its working.
  • Your files might not be recovered, and thus you are facing issues.
  • If you have converted the old version of the company file over the network, then you may face issues with your QB File Doctor.

To Sum It Up!!

QuickBooks File Doctor is an invaluable tool for keeping your company files error-free and ensuring the smooth operation of your QB Desktop application. And we believe that after reading the article above, you would make the best use of the tool. However, there are situations that you might get stuck over some technical issues while using the QBFD application. In that case, do not hesitate to connect with our QuickBooks experts at Data Service Solution. Call the Toll-free number +1-(855)-955-1942 and get the required help.

1. How much does the QB File Doctor Cost?

QB File Doctor does not cost you anything. You can use it free of cost anywhere around the world. Just download the tool from the official website of Intuit.

2. What are the Limitations of the QBFD Tool?

While QuickBooks File Doctor is a powerful tool, it has some limitations:
1. The tool only supports QB Desktop for Windows and does not work with QB Online or QB Desktop for Mac.
2. It may not fix all types of company file corruption or network issues.
3. The repair process can be time-consuming, and it depends on your company file size  and the complexity of the issues.

3. What are the types of QB File Doctor?

There are two different types of QB File Doctor Tool:
1. Stand-alone version: This is used on the server and you would also require to install the QB database server manager for hosting purposes.
2. Built-In version: It is available in all later editions of QuickBooks 2015.

4.  What is the difference between the QFD in-built and the stand-alone version?

The inbuilt version of QB Doctor Tool comes with limited accessibility and can only be accessed in QuickBooks 2016 Desktop and later released updates. While the stand-alone version can be used for hosting servers, connectivity, and network-related problems. But it can only be accessed after activating the QB Database Server Manager (DBSM).

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