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Significance of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

If you are a startup or conducting your business on a small or medium scale, you must benefit from the QuickBooks software. It is an accounting application that will record & all the financial transactions of the company & keep them safe from people who want to harm you. Moreover, it will manage & track your inventory, employees’ payroll, expenses & revenues and file federal & state taxes. So, QuickBooks has the capability to produce profits for your business. But to run the QB program seamlessly, it must always be error-free. Several users have reported issues in the application due to poor internet connection or corrupted company files. These issues directly act as an obstacle & need to be eliminated promptly.

But the question is how? Have you ever heard about QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool? It is a vital tool, specially developed for troubleshooting networking & multi-user issues that are triggered while opening a company file. You can download Connection Diagnostic Tool QuickBooks for free, as it is now available in the latest 4.0 version from the trusted website. If you desperately need to eradicate all the external or internal glitches, read this article till the end. Understand how to download, install & set up the connection diagnostic tool right now. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started!!

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

Issues That Get Rectify After You Download QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

The following are the central issues & errors you might eliminate by employing the QB connection diagnostic tool.

  • You can resolve all internet connectivity-related errors from the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Windows OS firewall port problems.
  • When there is severe damage to the Windows registry files.
  • When the QuickBooks company files are missing and affecting the connection between the workstations & server system in multi-user mode.
  • Virus attacks on the QuickBooks application or the company file.
  • In case the lists of your vendors & customers go blank in the software.
  • If there are missing entries in the Employee list.

Prime Errors Which You Can Eliminate with QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool

Errors are a standard part of QB application that has to be eliminated as soon as they occur. There are multiple utility tools present in the QuickBooks software that every user must employ to eliminate errors. Every error has a code connected so you can identify it and use the correct tool to rectify it. The following are the QB error codes that are fixed after utilizing QB Network Diagnostic:

Installation ErrorsMulti-User ErrorsCompany File Errors
QuickBooks Error 1722QuickBooks Error H101QuickBooks Error 6150
QuickBooks Error 1311QuickBooks Error H303QuickBooks Error 6000 95
QuickBooks Error 1603QuickBooks Error H202QuickBooks Error 6000-301
QuickBooks Error 1618QuickBooks Error H505QuickBooks Error 6147
QuickBooks Error 1723QuickBooks Error 6103
QuickBooks Error 1336QuickBooks Error 6010 100

Major Pointers to Consider Before Downloading and Running the Tool

The following are crucial points to remember before downloading the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool. These points will surely help you decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

  • Now, if you are someone who is employing QuickBooks Desktop 2016, you might get reminders. These reminders & prompts will ask you to use the QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use the Windows 10 version. As it has the maximum chance of rectifying the issue
  • You must note that QB File Doctor only works for QB Desktop for Windows OS. However, the QuickBooks network diagnostic tool also works for Mac users.
  • QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is meant to furnish seamless connectivity between the QB Database Server Manager & the QB Company File, especially for H series errors.
  • If you want that internet connection diagnostic tool to work significantly on MS Windows 7, Vista, or XP, only install the QuickBooks 2008 or newer versions.
  • QuickBooks network diagnostic tool Download can be done from the Intuit official website. The QB Connection Diagnostic Tool installer is also known as QBNetDiagTool.exe and QBServerUtilityMgr.exe. The 4.0 version of this tool is provided for free download.

What are the Nifty Utilities Present in the QuickBooks Network Diagnostic Tool?

The following are the three utilities that help resolve errors and are part of the tool.

  • Diagnose Connection Tab: If you want to eradicate stubborn issues in the multi-user mode, then this utility is for you. Errors stopping the workstations from accessing the company file hosted by the server system are swiftly fixed.

Diagnose Connection Tab

  • Firewall Status: Firewall settings in your system must be properly configured to work with the QB software. So, if you want fundamental instructions on the firewall, this utility is practical.

Firewall Status

  • Test Connectivity: The network connectivity should be robust between the Server system & the workstations connected to it. Using this utility, you can test the connectivity before accessing the files & avoid further issues.

Test Connectivity

Procedure For QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Free Download

The following are the steps to download the tool. This tool can be downloaded or worked on a computer already employing QuickBooks. Users running their QB application on Windows OS 7, Windows OS 8, Windows XP, Window OS 10 & Windows Vista are eligible to utilize QuickBooks Diagnostic Connection Tool.

  1. For starters, go to the official website & click on the link for the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic tool 2023 download.
  2. Remember to save the file someplace where you can easily locate it in your system.
  3. Then, after downloading, the tool launches the installer naming- QBInstall_tool_vs.exe.
  4. In case any programs are running in the system background, shut them down.
  5. Make sure when you download the tool, your internet connectivity must be fast.
  6. Lastly, when the download is complete, it’s time to install the tool.

Procedure to Install the QB Connection Diagnostic Tool

The following are the steps to install the tool in your system. Before installing the tool, you should have Microsoft components & C++ framework pre-installed on the system.

  • Initially, to start the steps, go to the Control Panel from the Windows Start tab.
  • Then, select the Programs option & then if you already find the Internet Connection Diagnostic Tool running in the system, uninstall it.
  • Now go ahead & install the latest version.

Install the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

  • Do not try to run more than one version of the tool, as it will cause more connectivity problems for you.
  • Now, click on the file you just downloaded & follow the instructions on the screen:
  • Then, choose Next if you see the text message saying: Welcome to the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool setup wizard.

QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool setup wizard

  • Choose the Installation folder by clicking on Next.

QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool Setup Installation Folder

  • Then, accept the license agreement by selecting I Agree.

QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool License Agreement

  • Now, after the installation is completed, wait for the tool to run.
  • In case the tool does not automatically launch, manually open it.
  • For that, launch the QB Desktop application & click on the Directory storing the damaged company file.
  • Do not choose the Network connectivity option if you use QB in Single-user mode.
  • Post that, type in your Admin ID & Password & select OK.
  • In the end, wait & let the QB Connection Diagnostic Tool scan & fix all the damages.

Important Note: If the Diagnostic Tool doesn’t work, there might be some trouble with the
download link, or the downloading process was interrupted in between due to poor internet connection. In this scenario, delete the previous file & again, download QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool from the beginning & follow the above steps to install it.

Procedure to Utilize the QuickBooks Diagnostic Connection Tool

After finishing the downloading & installing steps, it’s time to learn how to operate this tool. The following steps will surely teach you to use the tool & eradicate errors quickly.

  • Begin with opening the QB Desktop by double-clicking on the icon.
  • Do not straight away open the corrupted file.
  • Go to the File tab first & choose the Utilities option.
  • Then, select the option saying Repair.
  • Now, choose the Network Problems tab.
  • To run the diagnosis, select Yes after you see the information appearing on the screen.
  • Afterward, locate the folder containing all the files. From the files, choose the infected files that you are going to fix.
  • Now, choose Open.
  • Proceed & select the Show Advanced settings option, where a list of items will be visible on the screen.
  • From the list, click on the issue you are facing.
  • Further, type your credentials & lastly, click on the QB Connection Diagnostic Tool.

Testing the Network Connectivity Health for the Workstations

As we have set up the Connection Diagnostic Tool, it must work perfectly in a multi-user mode in the QuickBooks program. So, it is crucial to test the connection between the server system & all the workstations it is connected to. The following are the steps you should follow to check if there are no additional issues that exist in the network.

  • To search the company file, select the button beside the Company File field.
  • In case the network setup is in the Alternate mode, then you must be using a Linux system.
  • Moreover, you can also choose the checkbox for Change Hosting Server.
  • Then, each status should be set to “Not Applicable” in blue prior to you clicking on the Connectivity test.
  • Now, after the test run, the status will be green, which indicates that there are no issues with the connection.
  • Click on Test Connectivity.
  • In case, after running the test, the status shows Red, it means the test failed & Advanced section will appear on the screen.
  • You can click on the text message saying “What do these mean?” to get more details.
  • Subsequently, rectifying the issue, get back to the diagnostic tool to check more issues.
  • Wait until the tool is running. The scanning time mostly depends on your internet speed.
  • Keep in mind that QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool automatically eliminates errors prevailing in the .Net Framework, C++ & MSXML.
  • However, you can opt for another option to use Windows updates to install the most recent or missing updates for these MS components.


We know the frustration & pain of all the users accessing the company files in multi-user mode. Multiple errors might hit you due to the connectivity issues caused while using the application. After reading this comprehensive article on the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool, we hope you have grasped all the central & necessary points. However, if you are not able to remove the issues alone, then call +1-(855)-955-1942. QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool not working problem arises even after following the steps. You don’t have to panic in situations like this. Have a productive chat with our support team now!!

Question 1: What is QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool?

Ans: It is an inbuilt tool in the QuickBooks application to fix undesirable errors and bugs. It mainly rectifies the network connection issue between the server computer and the client systems while hosting a company file.

Question 2: What is QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool?

Ans: This utility tool is in the QuickBooks Tool hub under the Installation Issues option. As the name suggests, it removes the installation problems triggered at the time of downloading the QB software or updating it. It also fixes the bugs and damage in the MS components.

Question 3: How to use the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool?

Ans: The following are the steps to use the tool properly:
1. Firstly, visit the official website of Intuit and download the tool.
2. Then, open the downloaded file on the system and install the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.
3. Proceed further to open the tool and subsequently choose the QB version you are using.
4. Now, type in the system’s IP address with the company file.
5. Then, click on the option Test Connection.
6. Lastly, choose Test Connectivity to analyze the network problems and troubleshoot them effectively.

Question 4: What errors can be fixed by using the QB Connection Diagnostic Tool?

Ans: Entire 6000 series errors, mostly QB company file errors, can efficiently be removed for the application. Also, error codes 1722, 1311, 1336, and all the H series errors are part of it.

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