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Practical Ways to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 6007

QuickBooks Error 6007

Errors in the QuickBooks application are unpredictable, as you cannot forecast what and when an issue might get triggered. One such error we are focusing on in today’s article is QuickBooks Error 6007. You might have seen this error while trying to sync a damaged company file with the QuickBooks Sync Manager. It might be a challenging task to get rid of error 6007 in QuickBooks as it involves QuickBooks Sync Manager, which is an external QuickBooks utility. In this article, we will first look at the various reasons that can trigger this error and, later, some instant solutions to get rid of it in no time.

What is QuickBooks Error 6007?

QuickBooks Error 6007 is a sync manager error that might occur due to an outdated QuickBooks Sync Manager. Moreover, when you try to sync a company file while being in single-user mode, you can set off an error message stating:

Error 6007: There was an error while connecting to your company file: “QuickBooks is in single-user mode.”

What are the Significant Causes Behind QuickBooks Error Message 6007?

The following are the critical reasons behind QuickBooks Error Message 6007:

  • If you accidentally remove some of the essential QB files that sync the company file to the online third-party applications.
  • If the QuickBooks Sync Manager is missing some crucial updates.
  • You are trying to access a company file on the server that has not been hosted.
  • If you are using an outdated QuickBooks application to sync the company file.
  • When the company file is damaged or corrupted, it provokes QuickBooks company file error 6007.
  • If the configuration files are damaged, you cannot access the company file in multi-user mode and end up getting QuickBooks multi-user error 6007.

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How to Get Rid of QuickBooks Desktop Error 6007?

Every issue in QuickBooks Desktop can be rectified if accurate troubleshooting solutions are applied. So, as you have recognized the reasons for QuickBooks Error 6007, let’s implement the troubleshooting solution below:

Before you start implementing the troubleshooting solution, ensure to:

  • First, re-launch QB Desktop with admin-level permissions. To do this, right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon and select the option to Run as Administrator.

Run as Administrator

  • Next, If the company file is kept on an external drive, it is crucial to move it to the local storage of the system.

Solution 1: Fix the Company File issues with File Doctor

If you cannot open the company file due to QuickBooks Company File Error 6007, use QuickBooks File Doctor. You will find File Doctor in QB Tool Hub. Download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub if you do not have it on the system.

Step 1: Install QuickBooks Tool Hub

You can download the Tool Hub file from Intuit official website and save it on the system. Install it with the help of the on-screen instructions, and you are good to go.

Step 2: Use the QB File Doctor

  • Double-click the Tool Hub icon and click Company File Issues.
  • Click the Run QuickBooks File Doctor option. It may take a minute or two for the file doctor to open.

Note: If clicking on the Run QuickBooks File Doctor option does not open it, manually search for QB Desktop File Doc and open it.

  • After selecting the File Doctor, a drop-down menu will appear on the screen. From the drop-down, choose the company file.
  • If you do not see the company file, choose the Browse and Search option to find the file.
  • Choose the Check Your File option and then click Continue.
  • Enter the admin password
  • Click Next.

Solution 2: Update the QuickBooks Desktop Program

Keeping QuickBooks up-to-date helps eliminate several errors, including QuickBooks error code 6007.

  • Close any opened company files and then QuickBooks.
  • Click the Windows Start button and enter QuickBooks Desktop in the search bar.
  • In the search results, double-click QuickBooks Desktop to launch it on the system.
  • Choose the Help menu and click Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Move to the Options tab, click Mark All, and then choose Save.
  • From the Update Now tab, click on the checkbox for Reset Update.
  • Choose Get Updates.
  • As the update gets downloaded, close QB.
  • When you again launch the QB application, click the Yes option for installing the updates. Lastly, after rebooting the system, check if the QuickBooks Error 6007 is eliminated.

Solution 3: Keep the Sync Manager Up-to-Date

Sometimes, due to an outdated QB sync manager, you might get QuickBooks Sync manager error 6007. To eliminate this issue, you must update the sync manager, which you can do by following the steps below:

Synchronizer and Database manager Options

  • Go to the desktop and double-click the QB icon to launch it.
  • Under the Help menu, select the option to Sync Data Manager.
  • Move to the Reset option and click OK.
  • After you enter the QuickBooks login ID and password, the Sync Manager will start the first sync.
  • End this solution by opening the company file to check if the QuickBooks error 6007 is fixed.

Solution 5: Change the Name of .ND and . TLG Files

.ND and .TLG are configuration files that let QuickBooks Desktop open the company file in multi-user mode. If these files get damaged or corrupted, it might trigger the Error Code 6007 in QuickBooks. This error will restrict you from opening the company file over a network. Changing the names of both files might help you to get rid of the damage.

Important: Do note that renaming the files will not result in data loss. It is because these files are recreated automatically when you open the company file or scan using QB Database Server Manager.

  • Locate and open the folder keeping the company file.
  • The default Location: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files.
  • Look for the files with the .ND and .TLG extensions. These files have the same name as the company file. For example:
  • Company_file.qbw.tlg
  • Company_file.qbw.nd,
  • Right-click each of the files and click Rename.
  • After the file extension, add the .OLD and hit Enter. For example:
  • Company_file.qbw.nd.OLD
  • Company_file.qbw.tlg.OLD
  • Lastly, launch QB Desktop and try to re-open the company file to see if the issue is fixed.

Solution 6: Move the QuickBooks File to the Desktop

Instead of the QB company file, if the original location is damaged, it might be the reason you might have come across the QuickBooks Error Message 6007. To find it out, move the company file to a new location. The following are the steps to copy the company file to the desktop:

  • Go to the QuickBooks installation location and open the folder that contains the company file.
  • Search for the file with the .QBW extension and then right-click it.
  • When a drop-down menu appears, choose the option to Copy.
  • Move to the Desktop and right-click on an empty space.
  • From the drop-down, choose the option to Paste.
  • To launch the No Company Open window, hold the Control key and open the QuickBooks Desktop program.
  • Choose the Open or restore an existing company option, move to the desktop, and finally select the company file to open it.

Solution 7: Verify if QuickBooks is Running in Single-User Mode

If you open a company file in a single-user mode rather than opening it in multi-user mode, you might trigger QuickBooks multi-user error 6007. By simply changing the option from single to multi-user, you can eliminate the issue.

Running in Single-User Mode

  • Launch the QB Desktop program and move to the Help tab.
  • Select the Utilities option and choose Switch the Single-User Mode option.

Solution 8: Use the Clean Install Tool

Rather than re-installing, perform a QuickBooks Desktop clean install to fix installation issues. A clean install differs from a basic reinstall as you will be using a new installation file for the QuickBooks application instead of the existing one. Before you use this tool, uninstall the QuickBooks program from the system and then follow these steps:

  • To run the Clean Install Tool, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Under the Installation Issues tab, click the option to Clean Install.
  • Now, you should select the correct version of QB and the product that is installed on the system.
  • Finally, reinstall QB Desktop by using the installer file.

Wrapping Up!!

We tried our best to simplify all the troubleshooting to an extent that will help you get rid of QuickBooks Error 6007 in no time. But if you get caught up in an unfortunate situation while performing the steps, it is always recommended to call an expert. Our technical team is proficient enough to resolve this error instantly. Contact us at +1-(855)-955-1942 now.

Question 1: What are the signs for QuickBooks error 6007?

Ans: The signs for QuickBooks Pro error 6007 are prominent and can be easily identified. If you see any one or more of the following signs, then you should immediately use the methods laid out in this article.
1. If you cannot launch QB Desktop or open the company file.
2. You might not be able to sync the company file with the QuickBooks sync manager.
3. Even after several attempts, you cannot launch the syn manager.
4. QuickBooks will tend to freeze and ultimately crash.

Question 2: How to download the QuickBooks installer?

Ans: To download the installer for your QuickBooks Desktop version, go to the Downloads & Updates page. Then follow the steps below:
1. You will see questions asking if you are using QB on several systems.
2. Choose Yes if you are using QB in a multi-user mode.
3. If not, then choose the No or Not Sure option.
4. From the next page, enter your country, product, and version and select Search.
5. Click the Download option to download the QB Desktop file.

Question 3: Can an outdated QuickBooks application trigger the QuickBooks error 6007?

Ans: Yes, if you are currently using an outdated QuickBooks Desktop, you might get error 6007. Likewise, using an outdated Sync Manager to sync the company file to a third-party application can also be a contributing factor.

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