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How to Eradicate QuickBooks Compile Error in Hidden Module?

QuickBooks Compile Error in Hidden Module

QuickBooks is an excellent solution for small to medium-scale business owners across every industry. QuickBooks is a software that does not limit itself to one product but offers multiple products like QB Desktop, QB Online, QB Pro, QB Primer & QB Enterprise. Therefore, all these products are capable of serving even enterprise-level corporations. QuickBooks’ advanced features are well known among its users. With QuickBooks, you can generate reports & then export them to Excel in case you want to use these reports outside of QuickBooks. Such reports are called client-ready reports. But what if, one fine day, you cannot export your QB data to an Excel sheet? This might be because of an error called QuickBooks Compile Error in Hidden Module.

A compile error in hidden module appears because of an error in the code or syntax in a module that is not to be seen in the user interface. The prevalent reason that causes this error to strike is the compatibility problems between the add-ons in MS Excel with the current version of the QuickBooks program.‍ So, to eradicate this error, we have curated this comprehensive article & carefully selected some of the best & effective solutions that you can understand & implement.

QuickBooks Compile Error in Hidden Module

Reasons Why You Can’t Export QuickBooks Reports to MS Excel

The following are the reasons that stopped the Excel options from working in the QuickBooks application. So, let’s deeply understand the various causes for QuickBooks Compile Error in Hidden Module.

  • In case one or both the MS Excel & QuickBooks application running on your system are outdated.
  • The MS Excel software in your computer is incompatible with the QB Desktop due to some missing components.
  • If the MS Office file is damaged or corrupted.
  • If the company file data in the QB Program is corrupted.
  • In case the File Registry is not working seamlessly.
  • The MS Excel add-ons are incompatible with QB, which interprets the exporting of the client-ready reports.

Top 10 Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Client Ready Reports Compile Error

The following methods are worthy of your time as any of these ten troubleshooting solutions might downright eliminate the problems caused by this error.

Troubleshooting Solution 1: Employing the Verify and Rebuild Tool in QuickBooks

If you are facing Compile Error in Hidden Module QuickBooks, it might be due to the damaged or corrupted QB company file data that needs to be removed or fixed instantly. Use the verify & Rebuild tool to find & fix errors in the application.

  1. Begin by opening the QuickBooks program and hovering over the File tab.
  2. Then, from the File tab, choose the Utilities option.
  3. Now, choose Verify Data option to check for any errors in the company file or if the problem lies somewhere else.
  4. If the tool finds any issues with the file, then go to the File tab again.
  5. Under it, click on the Utilities option & then choose Rebuild Data.
  6. This process will take some time, so don’t close the QuickBooks application.
  7. After the process ends, proceed further & recheck if the issue is removed or not.

Troubleshooting Solution 2: Downloading the Most Recent Updates for QuickBooks Desktop

Encountering QuickBooks client ready payroll reports compile error in hidden module could be a result of using an old version of QuickBooks, which is not harmonious with other software present in the Windows OS. Therefore, to update the QB application, you should implement the following steps:

  • Firstly, open the QuickBooks program & go to the Help tab.
  • Now, click on the Update QuickBooks Desktop option from the drop-down list.
  • Now, choose the Update Now tab & proceed to select the Get Updates option under it.

Downloading the Most Recent Updates for QuickBooks Desktop

  • Wait till the updates are downloading on the system & later reboot the system.

Troubleshooting Solution 3: Update the Microsoft Excel

If you encounter a perplexing error, “QuickBooks client ready payroll reports compile error in hidden module,” that prevents you from generating payroll report(s), then this solution might help you, as the problem might lie with the outdated MS Excel version still running on the system. Therefore, exporting the payroll reports from QuickBooks to the Excel sheet becomes difficult.

  • Type Excel in the search panel of the Windows Start tab.
  • Then, from the File tab, choose the Update option.
  • Click on Update Now to proceed further.
  • When the update process ends, try exporting the payroll reports again.

Troubleshooting Solution 4: The Modules in MS Excel Need to be Located, Replaced, or Removed

  • Open the MS Excel application.
  • Now, to open the VBA Editor use the shortcut keys ALT + F11 on the keyboard.
  • Now, choose the Tools option inside the Visual Basic File Editor.
  • Then, scroll the list from top to bottom to find the references available in the list & make your choice.
  • Now, in case you see marking of any module as Missing or Incompatible, delete it.
  • Then, adjust the status of the module to rectify the issue.
  • At last, reboot the computer.

Troubleshooting Solution 5: Repairing the MS Office Installation

  • Click on the Windows Start tab on the desktop screen & type Control Panel.
  • Now, in the Control Panel window, choose the Programs and Features option.
  • Then look for Microsoft Office & click on it.
  • Proceed to choose the Change option.
  • Now, from the choices available to you, select the Repair option.
  • Now, when the repair process ends, restart the system.

Troubleshooting Solution 6: DLL Files needs Re-registering

  • Launch the Run window from the Start Menu or hold the Windows & R keys.
  • Now, in the Run window, type in the path which is: “regsvr32.exe /u C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.OCX” & then hit Enter.
  • Again, type in the path, which is: “regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\System32\MSCOMCTL.OCX” & hit Enter.
  • Lastly, restart the system to see if the QuickBooks compile error in the hidden module is there.

Troubleshooting Solution 7: Turn off the MS Office Add-ons

  • You can open the MS Office from the Windows Start tab.
  • Now, after opening the MS Office go to the File tab.
  • Click on Options & then choose the Add-ons tab.
  • Now, from the Manage drop-down menu, find & select the COM Add-ons option.
  • Then, click on GO & double check to uncheck all the boxes. Choose OK.
  • Proceed further & delete the corrupted or damaged add-ons by choosing the Disable option.
  • Lastly, to save or apply the changes, restart the MS Office.

Troubleshooting Solution 8: Configuring the MS Excel Settings

The wrong configuration of MS Excel may trigger the QuickBooks client ready payroll reports not working error continuously. Let’s try to modify the setting to eradicate this stubborn error soon.

  • Take your cursor to the File tab inside the MS Excel application.
  • In the File tab, choose Options from the drop-down list.
  • Then, proceed to click on the Advanced option.
  • Thereafter, in the General section, mark the options to ignore the software in the system that uses Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).

QuickBooks Configuring the MS Excel Settings

  • Now, press Enter, & save all the changes you made above.

Troubleshooting Solution 9: Retry to Update the Payroll Tax Table

Sometimes QuickBooks client-ready payroll reports not working error is seen after you download the payroll service or tax table to its latest updates. So, repairing the QuickBooks application initially & then again updating the payroll tax table might be a helpful solution.

  • In the payroll service section, click on the Employees tab.
  • Now, choose the option saying Get Payroll Updates.
  • Proceed & click on Download Entire Update & then choose Update.

Tax Table latest updates

  • Now, lastly, after you download the tax table again, try to export the Client Ready Reports to MS Excel.

Troubleshooting Solution 10: Rectifying the Company File & Network Issues with QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub rectifies every type of issue present in the company file.

  • For starters, download the QuickBooks Tool Hub from the official website of Intuit & save the downloaded file on your system.
  • Then, open the downloaded file: QuickBooksToolHub.exe by double-clicking on it.
  • Now, to install the Tool Hub follow the instructions correctly & when the process successfully ends, you will see the QB Tool Hub icon on the desktop screen.

Step 1: Utilizing the Quick Fix My File

  • Launch the QuickBooks Tool Hub & proceed to click on the Company File Issues option.
  • Now, choose Quick Fix My File & run it.
  • When the finish the process, open the QuickBooks application.

Step 2: Utilizing the QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Now, again go to the Company File Issues option.
  • Then, click on the option that states Run QuickBooks File Doctor. It may take a minute or two to open the File Doctor.
  • Now, select the QB company file from the drop-down list & if you cannot find the file, click Browse & search the appropriate file.
  • Then, proceed further & choose the Check Your File option, then click Continue.
  • Thereafter, add your QB admin ID & Password & click on Next.
  • The scanning will continue for 10-15 minutes, and then the tool will automatically repair the damage it identified in the company file.

Summing Up!!

We hope that after thoroughly reading this article, you must have understood the reasons & the effective methods to eliminate QuickBooks Compile Error in Hidden Module.

Moreover, it is better to be aware of the severity of this issue as it might hamper your business, as you won’t be able to show reports that reflect the progress of your business. So, it holds your business backward. However, if you feel that a professional by your side will assist you better in resolving this problem, there is nothing wrong with it. Call us at +1-(855)-955-1942 and talk with our support team right away.

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