Easy Method To Resolve QuickBooks Error 80004005?- Unable To Condense Data

Quickbooks merchant services error code 80004005

QuickBooks file size increases while using it over a period of time. Users can condense the data file when the size gets too large. QuickBooks error 80004005 arises while condensing the QuickBooks data. You can also run into QuickBooks error 80004003 while performing the same process. The primary reasons for this include storage-related problems such as insufficient space, company files stored on different systems, and QB-related problems such as damaged log files and inventory containing negative entries. 

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Major Reasons for QuickBooks Error Code 80004005

QuickBooks Error Code 80004005 arises while condensing QB data. That is why it is called QuickBooks Condense Data Error 80004005. The reasons for this error are:- 

  • If the QuickBooks company file is stored on another computer in the network. 
  • QuickBooks company file is damaged.
  • There is not enough space to store your company file. 

Points to Remember Before Troubleshooting QuickBooks Condense Data Error 80004005

QuickBooks Condense Data Error 80004005 can be fixed by using Verify and Rebuild utility. Before you jump onto it, there are a few things that you should consider:- 

  • Make sure QuickBooks is up to date. Download the latest updates if required.
  • Ensure that the storage device you are using to save condensed files has at least 10GB of free space.  
  • Copy the file on your system’s local storage if the QuickBooks company file is saved on a different system.
  • Create a backup of your company file before condensing it to ensure the safety of your data.

You need to use Verify and Rebuild utilities to fix QuickBooks Error 80004005. The verify tool helps figure out your damage in your company file, while the Rebuild utility helps fix that damage. These are the steps you need to follow:- 

  • Click on the File menu and choose Utilities.
  • Tap on Verify Data and wait for the process to get over.
  • If your file is damaged, a message will pop up saying ‘Your data has lost integrity’. 

NOTE: Follow the below-mentioned solutions if your file is damaged. 

  • Click on the File menu and select Utilities.
  • Select Rebuild Data from the list and then tap on OK when the prompt for backup appears.
  • The rebuild process will begin as soon as the backup process is over. 
  • Tap on OK when you see the error message ‘Rebuild has completed’. 

Verify and Rebuild utility should be enough to fix QuickBooks error 80004005. Now try to condense your file once again. If the error does not resolve after following the solution mentioned above, reach out to an expert at QuickBooks Data Service Solutions Helpline number +1-(855)-955-1942, and they can provide you with all the required assistance. 

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