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How to Easily Fix QuickBooks Install Error 1935: When Installing QB

QuickBooks Install Error 1935

Investing in QuickBooks software is one of the principal decisions a small company should make to create a profitable business. In the long run, employing QuickBooks will save an awful lot of money over time as you don’t need to hire a bunch of professional accountants & bookkeepers. QuickBooks is an all-rounder application as it monthly records your company’s Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Chart of Accounts, Payroll, General Ledger, and many more financial transactions. However, we still can’t overlook the fact that QuickBooks contains many errors caused by various reasons. Today, we have curated this article to discuss one such error, QuickBooks Install Error 1935.

It happens when the .NET Framework is unavailable in the system, primarily needed to install the QB program. An MS .NET Framework is a software development framework that is used to build & run all the applications on Windows OS. Moreover, a message will be visible to you saying: Error 1935: This setup requires .NET Framework, or an error occurred during the installation of the assembly while installing QB for the first time. Prompt actions must be taken to eradicate error code 1935 when installing QuickBooks. So, read this article to get familiar with all the factors causing it with the super effective solutions for instant rectification.

QuickBooks Install Error 1935

Figuring out What is Provoking QuickBooks Pro Error 1935

As we furnish you with the solutions to eliminate this issue completely, it is essential to know the causes too. There are several reasons that provoked QuickBooks Pro 2017 error 1935.

  • When another installation uses the MS .NET Framework files.
  • When third-party applications like Anti-virus/anti-spyware prevent QB Desktop installation on the system.
  • In some cases, when the Windows OS lacks or experiences damage to the .NET Framework.
  • Damaged or corrupted files in the Windows registry.
  • Virus & malware attacks on your system have infected it to the core.
  • The improper firewall configuration is setting off the issue.
  • The link that you have used to download the QuickBooks Desktop might be broken or damaged.

Things to do Before Applying the Troubleshooting Solutions

Before directly implementing the solutions get the following things done:

  • Backing up the company file data.
  • Keep a copy of QB Desktop product & license details.

You can backup up your data automatically or manually, however you prefer. This backup will provide additional assistance if corruption or damage affects the original data. You can simply retrieve data from the backup files.

Making a Backup of the Company Data File

The backup process saves every inch of data from the company file. For instance, accounting data, logos, images, templates, and letters. Moreover, files related to QB Statement Writer, Business Planner, Cash Flow Projector & Loan Manager. But backups won’t save the payroll form.

Step 1: Automatic Backup

  • Start by launching the QB application.
  • Then, in the File tab, choose Single-user Mode & then Local Backup.
  • Then, click on Next.
  • Now, choose Browse in the Local Backup Only window & save the backup.
  • Now, to ensure the backup’s good health, click on Online, Complete verification in Local Backup & choose OK.
  • Now, if you want to save the backup, go & choose Save it Now and schedule future backups option & then Next.
  • You will see a checkbox saying, “Save backup copy automatically when I close my company file” Select it.
  • After that, you need to set a number of backups that QuickBooks can keep.
  • Post that, schedule the backup & choose New. Do fill in the data fields, which include the day & time.
  • Click OK, then type in the Windows password to get QB the required permission to run.
  • Lastly, choose Finish when you see a confirmation Message.

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Step 2: Backup the Company File Data Manually

  • In your QuickBooks application, click on the File tab to access the option to switch to the Single-user mode.
  • Now, choose Local Backup & click Next.
  • Choose the Browse option from the Local Backup Only section & select a location to save the backup.
  • Now, for setting the backup reminders, you might use the Online and Local Backup sections.
  • When the process is done, choose OK.
  • At last, click on Save it Now & Next.

Clearing Out the Error Code 1935 When Installing QuickBooks Desktop

We have picked out four of the best & easy solutions to get rid of QuickBooks Enterprise Error 1935. One of the fastest ways is updating your Windows OS, which has proven effective, as an outdated version might block the installation of the QB Desktop as it is not meant to run on it or make your system slow. So, follow the troubleshooting methods below precisely to get the prime results.

Solution 1: Installing QuickBooks in Selective-Startup Mode

If installing or uninstalling QuickBooks on your system is impossible because of error 1935 in QuickBooks, try switching your system to Selective startup mode.

Step 1: Changing to Selective Startup Mode

  • To get access to the Run window hit Windows & R keys together.
  • Then, type msconfig in the empty search box in the Run window & click on OK.

Type misconfig on run box

  • Now, in the General menu, choose the Selective Startup & Load System Services option.

Restart MS Windows in Selective Startup

  • Now, in the Services menu, choose the Hide All Microsoft Services option.
  • Then, click on Disable All.
  • Post that, uncheck the option that says Hide all Microsoft Services.

Hide all Microsoft services

  • Then, from the services list, click on Windows Installer & click on OK.
  • Lastly, click on Restart under the System Configuration window.

Restart under the System Configuration

Step 2: Re-install your QB Software

Uninstall your QB Desktop application, reinstall it, & turn off the selective startup mode to eliminate Error 1935 QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Start by holding Windows + R keys to open the Run window directly on the screen.
  • Then, you should type msconfig & hit Enter.
  • Then, choose the Normal Startup mode from the General tab & click OK.

Normal Startup mode from the General

  • Lastly, choose the Restart option from the System Configuration window.

Solution 2: Fixing the MS .NET Framework Manually

To use web-based applications, QuickBooks needs Microsoft .NET Framework. Now, if there is any problem with the QB program, it may be due to Microsoft .NET Framework. Therefore, QuickBooks Install Error 1935 requires MS .NET Framework to be fixed promptly. So how about doing it now? Let’s proceed.

For Windows 10 and Newer OS Versions

  • Start by closing all the applications running on your system and in the background of it.
  • Now, go to the Start menu and, type Control Panel in the search box & hit Enter.
  • Then, from the Control Panel window, click on Programs and Features.
  • Afterward, choose Uninstall a Program & then choose the Turn Windows features on or off option.
  • Then, look for the .Net Framework in the list.

Note: Check & verify the settings for .NET Framework 4.5 (or later). The steps are the same for

  1. .NET Framework 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, & 4.8
  2. .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Note: If your QuickBooks Desktop 2023 keeps crashing, then the reason might be damage in some essential QuickBooks files. To get it fixed, you sometimes need to use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool, and for more info, you can also check our blog.

Verify Whether the .NET Framework 4.5 (or later) Checkbox is Selected

  • In case the checkbox is not check-marked, click on the checkbox to switch to the .NET Framework 4.5 & choose OK.
  • Reboot the system.
  • In case the checkbox is already checkmarked, uncheck it for .NET Framework 4.5 (or later).
  • Click on OK & save the changes.
  • Then, reboot the system.
  • Lastly, sign in to Windows & follow the steps to switch to the .NET Framework 4.5 again.

Verify that .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Checkbox is not Selected

  • To switch to the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, put a checkmark next to it.
  • Then, click on OK & reboot the system.

Verify that .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Checkbox is Selected

  • To disable the .NET Framework, 3.5 SP1, click on the checkbox & do not turn it on again.
  • After that, click on OK & reboot the computer.
  • Lastly, sign in to the Windows OS & select the checkbox next to the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 again.

Solution 3: Disable/Remove any Third-party Security Application

In many cases, it is noticed that uninstalling the third-party security application resolves QuickBooks won’t install error 1935. First, try to disable the security app and try to install QuickBooks temporarily, and if it doesn’t work, proceed further and uninstall it. Removing it from the Windows OS will definitely bring the positive changes you need.

  • Click on the Start tab and type Control Panel in the search box to start.
  • Post that, from the Control Panel window, choose the Programs & Features option.
  • Then, scroll down the page until you find the security application you were searching for.
  • Choose the software & thereafter choose the uninstall option.
  • Lastly, restart the system & retry to install the QuickBooks software.

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Solution 4: Keep your Windows OS Updated

To install the QB Desktop on your computer, you must check if your Windows OS has the most recent updates installed.

  • First & foremost, click on the Windows or Start tab & type Settings, or just hit Windows + I shortcut keys.

Install the windows updates

  • Now, when the screen displays the Settings window, double-click Update & Security to open it.
  • Then, choose the Update tab, and from there, click on Check for Updates to prompt Windows to check if any updates are available.
  • Now, if the updates are available, click on the Update Now option.
  • Reboot your system only when the process successfully completes.

Summing Up!!

As we are going to end this article, we certainly hope that after understanding & implementing the above methods, you have successfully resolved QuickBooks Install Error 1935. However, if, even after trying the solution, the error is not rectified, call us at +1-(855)-955-1942.
You can positively rely on our support team of certified experts that possess the required knowledge & experience to assist you in rectifying QuickBooks Pro error 1935. So, implementing the right QuickBooks solution will surely benefit your business in the long run.

Question 1: What is QuickBooks Install Error 1935?

Ans: QuickBooks error 1935 is an installation error that occurs when you cannot install a fresh QB Desktop version. One of the significant reasons is when .NET Framework is unavailable in the system, which is a prime component in installing the QB application. So, without it, you cannot run any applications on Windows. Moreover, poorly configured firewall settings and corrupted Windows registry database files might also be one of the factors interpreting the installation process.

Question 2: What are the top four solutions to eliminate QuickBooks Enterprise Error 1935?

Ans: The following are the effective and standard solutions that every QuickBooks user can effortlessly implement:
1. Uninstalling any third-party security or anti-virus application from the system.
2. Remove and again install QuickBooks in Selective startup mode
3. Updating the current Windows OS and once again try installing QuickBooks Desktop.
4. Fixing or rectifying the settings of Windows Firewall.

Question 3: Which troubleshooting solution is best to rectify QuickBooks error 1935?

Ans: To implement a practical solution, you must find out the cause after the problem arises due to the issue. Every error is not triggered by one reason but by several that must be resolved individually. So, learning the root cause of QuickBooks Pro error 1935 is the ultimate key to eliminating the issue and selecting a fitting solution.

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