Register QuickBooks Library Files Failed Error- 4 Methods to Fix it.

Register QuickBooks Library Files Error

Library files are an essential part of any program that runs on your system. They play an active role in performing different actions in an application. In case the process to register QuickBooks library files fails on your computer system, the application’s installation process would be directly affected. When this Error occurs, an error message will appear on your screen stating-

"Register QuickBooks Library files failed."

The things that we are going to discuss below are technical in nature which can be a little difficult to understand for anyone who doesn’t have much technical knowledge. If you are facing any difficulty following the below-mentioned steps, we will advise you to reach out to us at +1-(855)-955-1942 in order to prevent any loss of data or damage to the file.

What leads to Error Registering QuickBooks Library Files?

There are a lot of factors that support the mechanism for registering library files on your system; thus, a lot of things can lead to the ‘QuickBooks failed to register library files’ error. The possible reasons are- 

  • Incorrect installation of QuickBooks Updates.
  • The location of the company file you are trying to access has changed its location.
  • QuickBooks was downloaded and installed with incorrect administrator privileges. 

As we mentioned above, there are four different causes for “QuickBooks failed to register library files” error. There are different steps that one can follow in order to troubleshoot the error. They are as follow- 

Method 1- Hide Built-In Administrator Account

The built-in administrator account can cause an issue with the system and can lead to an error. You need to hide it in order to fix it. Follow these steps in order to do so- 

  • Click the Windows Start menu.
  • Type CMD in the search field and find Command Prompt
  • Now, Right-click Command Prompt.
  • Choose the Run as Administrator option.
  • Then, Type net user administrator/active: no in the command bar.
  • Now press Enter. 
  • Now close the window and try to install QuickBooks again.

Note:- You need to unhide the built-in administrator account even if it failed to resolve your issue.

  • Again open the Command prompt and run as administrator.
  • Type net user administrator/active: yes in the box and Press Enter.

Method 2- Using Install Diagnostic from QuickBooks Tool Hub

One major reason causing Register QuickBooks Library Files Error is improper installation of QB updates, and thus the simplest method to fix it is using the Install diagnostic tool:- 

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub from the Intuit website and install it if it is already not there on your system.
  • Open it by double-clicking the icon.
  • Under the Installation Issues tab, Tap on QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • The tool will take some time to complete the process based on the size of your file and will close down on its own. 
  • Once it is over, Reboot your system.

Method 3- Change Default User Privileges

Incorrect administrator privileges are one major reason for making your system unable to register QuickBooks Library Files. You can change the default user privileges by following this method- 

  • Tap on the Start button.
  • Type File Explorer in the search field and double tap on it to open it. 
  • Follow the path: ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files.’
  • Now that your Common Files folder is open, right-click on your mouse and choose Properties. 
  • Tap on the Security tab and then click on Edit.
  • Click on “Users’ under the heading Group or User names.
  • Tick the permissions’ Modify, Read, Execute, List Folder Contents, Read, Write’ under the heading ‘Permission for Users’.
  • Tap on the Apply button and then click OK.

Method 4- Clean Install QuickBooks Desktop

Clean install tool can help you remove any extra unrequired files left on your system from the previous QB installation as those files can cause hindrance in the smooth functioning of your application. Follow these steps in order to do so- 

  • Download a new install file for your system.
  • Make sure you have the license number with you. You receive that with the original packaging or in the purchase confirmation email in case you purchased a digital version.
  • Take note of your product year and the version you are using. 
  • Back up your company file in order to safeguard your data.
  • Now tap on the Windows start button and click on Control Panel.
  • Choose Programs and Features or Uninstall a program.
  • Now choose the version of QBD which is causing an issue from the list of programs.
  • Tap on Uninstall/Change and follow the instructions appearing on the screen. In case the option is not available, you need to sign out from your windows and sign back in as an administrator. 
  • Now open QuickBooks Tools Hub and tap on Installation Issues.
  • Click on Clean Install Tool and press OK.
  • Choose the version of QuickBooks you are using and select Continue. 
  • Press OK when the message “please install your copy of QuickBooks to the default location.” appears on your screen.
  • Now reinstall QBD once the Clean Install Tool is done. 

So this is what you can do when your system fails to register QuickBooks library files. We discussed what all factors can lead to it and what shall be done whenever this error occurs. QuickBooks can help you sort out your various accounting needs. In case you find any difficulty in understanding what we mentioned above, we will advise you to reach out to our staff, and give us a call on QuickBooks Data Service Solutions Helpline Number +1-(855)-955-1942.

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