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QuickBooks Fatal Error: How to Tackle It Down?

Quickbooks Fatal Error

QuickBooks users may sometimes face some technical errors in the middle of doing some tasks on the system. These errors can randomly appear while you try to edit your company file, restore a backup file, or even while opening or closing the QB. One such error is QuickBooks Fatal Error. This error generally occurs due to any glitch in the QB backend coding. And can hinder your smooth working process.

Thus, fixing the QuickBooks Fatal Error becomes utterly important. If you are also stuck with the same, do not worry, We are here for you. This blog will provide you with every detail about this Fatal Error, including the reasons that trigger it and some important fixes for it.

QuickBooks Fatal Error: Description and Error Message

QuickBooks Fatal Error is also known as the QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error. It can arise anytime while using the QuickBooks desktop but mainly appears while you try to install the QB Point of Sale. The error message that appears on the screen when you face QB Fatal Error says that QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. Along with this, the message also carries numeric error codes, which is a 10 digit long and has 5 digits space 5-digit number sequence.

Quickbooks Fatal Error
Quickbooks Fatal Error

The other error messages that the users may face while dealing with the QuickBooks Fatal Error are as follows:

  • Error Status 1603: The update installer has encountered an internal error.
  • Error Status 1603: Unable to apply the patch.
  • MSI returned 1603: Fatal error during installation.
  • QB Fatal Error: QuickBooks Error 1603 Flash Player Not Working

All these error messages can be related to the 1603 fatal error during the installation of QuickBooks.

You may also encounter QuickBooks Install Error 1712, to know how to resolve this you can click here.

QuickBooks Fatal Error: The signs that show its appearance on the device.

Troubleshooting any error can become easier if you identify it in the initial period. This will also save your data and will not affect it and would keep the error damage minimal. So the signs that can help you identify the QuickBooks Fatal Error are

  • The company file gets locked while working on it.
  • Microsoft NET 1.1 SP1 installer does not work properly.
  • QuickBooks can not be updated to the latest version.
  • The Windows temp folder is packed. 

QuickBooks Fatal Error: Conditions in which you can face it

As discussed earlier, the QuickBooks 2005 fatal error line 431 can randomly appear on your screen. Thus, knowing the different conditions where the chances of facing the error are high is important to know. Try the different fixes given in the later part to fix this Fatal error if you face it in the below-given conditions:

  • While opening the QuickBooks Desktop file on a workstation, you can face the 2018 QuickBooks pro fatal application error.
  • While trying to print, email, edit, or save the PDF out of QB Desktop, you may face this error.
  • While saving a transaction or a record in QB Desktop.
  • When Chaining the target or running the Rebuild utility QuickBooks Fatal Error may occur.
  • When you write checks with QuickBooks Online Bill Pay or while importing accountant’s changes.
  • Any data damage in your company file can also indicate QB Fatal Error.
  • While you create a company file or a backup.
  • When you try to perform a bank reconciliation or view previous reconciliation reports.
  • When you try to close any open window in a company file.
  • When you try to open any window in QuickBooks (like Home Page, Company Snapshot, Reports, Transaction).
  • While using the Open Previous Company feature, you may also face QuickBooks Fatal Error.

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QuickBooks Fatal Error: Reasons that trigger it on your system

Whenever you install any software, you would need a software installer file and a setup file. So, if any of these files does not work properly, you may face the QuickBooks Fatal Error when downloading QB.

  • When any QuickBooks component is damaged or corrupted.
  • Any issue with your computer can also lead to  QB Fatal Error.
  • If the QuickBooks POS installation file gets damaged, the QB Fatal error may appear.
  • Sometimes, sudden power outages can damage the files that you are working on and thus can trigger the QuickBooks Fatal error.
  • It can also appear if a network blip occurs while you are logged in to the QuickBooks company file.
  • If your PC is missing any Windows or QuickBooks updates.
  • Any issue with the data integrity of the QB Company file can also cause this QuickBooks Fatal error.
  • If the data or program code is damaged and needs repairing.

QuickBooks Fatal Error: Step-by-Step Solution Guide to fix it

You can apply various troubleshooting solutions to fix the QB Fatal Error, including updating POS using the latest installation file, repairing the Windows installer file, or even doing a clean installation of QB Point of Sale. Read the complete solutions list to fix the 2018 QuickBooks pro fatal error on startup. 

Solution 1: Install QB ToolHub.exe File and use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

First, go to the internet browser and download the latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub from a safe site. After that, open the file from the download folder and run it to install the tool properly. Now, you need to open the QuickBooks Tool Hub and then look for QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

  1. For QB Install Diagnostic Tool, first, go to the Installation Issue option.
  2. There, you need to look for and choose the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  3. This tool will automatically search for any issues in QB and then will fix them one by one.
  4. The diagnosis process takes about 15 to 20 minutes to fix all the issues.
  5. Once done, open the QuickBooks Desktop and check if the issue is resolved.

Solution 2: Update QB Desktop Point of Sale using External Patch to fix QuickBooks Fatal Error

  1. First, download the latest patch to update the QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  2. Now, press Ctrl+  Alt + Del keys together and then select Task Manager.
  3. After that, locate the QBPOSShell.exe, QBPOSDBService.exe, and qbpos.exe processes under the Process tab.
  4. Then click right on each possess and choose the option End Task.
  5. After that, hit on Yes for confirmation.
  6.  Once all the processes get closed, you should now press the Windows + R keys and then type the word services.msc in the Run window’s text box.
  7. After that, hit OK and then scroll down to the Services list to find the QBPOS Database Manager service.
  8. Next, click right on the service and then choose the Stop option.
  9. Now, you have to navigate to the C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\UPDATE and then press Ctrl + A to select all the files in the folder. ( If you do not find any file in the folder, then ensure to display the hidden files in the Windows.)
  10. After you are done selecting all the files, press the Delete button and then hit Yes.
  11. After all these steps, Try to install POS once again. 

If you still face the QuickBooks Fatal Error, try the next troubleshooting steps to rectify it.

Solution 3: Repair the Windows Installer File to fix QuickBooks Fatal Error

  1. First, press the Windows and R keys and then type the word services.msc in the given space.
  2. Next, hit OK and then find the Windows Installer in the list of services.
  3. Then click right on the service and then select the Properties option.
  4. After that, under the  Startup Type drop-down list,  you need to choose Manual and then press OK.
  5. After that, click right on the service and select the Start option from the left side.
  6. Then follow the official link to download the Windows Installer Update latest installer file.
  7. After downloading the file, install the file from the downloads and then restart your Windows.
  8. After that, try installing QuickBooks POS again and check the status of the QB Fatal Error.

Solution 4: Choose the Selective Startup mode while installing QuickBooks Desktop to fix QuickBooks Fatal Error

Sometimes, any third-party app can stop the installation process; thus, using the selective startup mode, in that case, can solve this Fatal Error.

But before proceeding forward, make sure to create a backup of the company file and keep a copy of the QB desktop product key and license info at hand.

Then follow the given steps to open your system in the selective startup mode:

  1. Close all the QuickBooks installing windows and then press and hold the Windows + R keys.
  2. When a windows search bar opens, type MSConfig and then hit OK.
  3. Then select the General Tab and then hit the Selective Startup option followed by Load system services.
  4. From there, go to the Hide all Microsoft services option and then disable all.
  5. Also, you need to uncheck all the Microsoft services checkboxes.
  6. Once done with all these previous steps, click on the Windows Installer checkbox.
  7. Then hit OK and reboot your system.
  8. Now, you can uninstall and reinstall the QB Desktop and, once done, can switch to the normal startup mode.

Solution 5: Press the desktop while opening up a company file to fix QuickBooks Fatal Error

  1. First, choose the desired company file from the No Company Open window.
  2. Then, press and hold the Alt key on the keyboard and then tap on the Open icon.
  3. Move ahead and then release the Alt key. ( You might be redirected to the Login Details Page, if yes, then type the login credentials there).
  4. Remember, if you are not redirected to the Login details, you need to continue to press the Alt key.
  5. Then press the Alt key, followed by hitting OK on the screen. (Ensure that you do not release the Alt key until the time the file opens up completely).
The Conclusive Note!!

The solutions mentioned above can help you to fix the QuickBooks Fatal Error. Alternatively, you can also open your company file from a different location to check if there ware some issue with the folder containing the company file. For this, close everything and then click right on the Desktop. Then, select the New option from the menu and then choose Folder.

After that, name the new folder as Test. Now, open and copy the company file from its original location and then move it to the Test folder that you freshly created. Lastly, you need to open the company file from the new location. If you still face any sort of error, contact our QuickBooks Support Team immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do I encounter the QuickBook Fatal Error?

You are most likely to encounter the QuickBooks Fatal Error while he tries to install the QB Point of Sale. However, he can also face the error in other conditions as well, and they are discussed above in the article under the heading QuickBooks Fatal Error: Conditions in which you can face it.

2. What reasons trigger the QuickBook Fatal Error?

The QuickBooks Fatal Error is triggered by the following reasons:
1. Any kind of damage or corruption in QuickBooks.
2. Some issues with your computer.
3. The damage to the QuickBooks POS installation file.
4. Network fluctuations during installing or downloading QuickBooks.
5. If you miss any Windows or QuickBooks updates.
6. Data integration issues.

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