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QuickBooks Error PS038: How to Fix with Experts Tips?

QuickBooks Error ps038

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS038 Appears When a user tries to send paychecks online

Encountering payroll errors in QuickBooks is a common experience for users. These errors often arise during payroll updates or when paychecks become stuck in the “Online to send” status while trying to send them online. Among these errors, QuickBooks Error PS038 is a frequent one, which disrupts payroll processing. Thus, addressing and resolving this specific error in QuickBooks Desktop is a must for seamless payroll operations.

This blog will help you in that aspect; it will provide you with detailed solutions for the Unable To Update Payroll Error Ps038, so read the complete blog.

What is QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS038?

QuickBooks Error PS038 emerges as a technical error when attempting to send paychecks online, causing them to get stuck as an “Online to Send” status. Consequently, it makes the users unable to process payroll for their employees within QuickBooks Desktop. The error message associated with QuickBooks Payroll Won’t Update Error PS038 appears on the screen as,

Error Message: You’ve retrieved the latest payroll update and validated your Payroll subscription.  We strongly recommend that you go online again before mm/dd/yyyy. [PS038]“

Are You Getting QuickBooks Payroll Error Ps038

Why Are You Getting QuickBooks Payroll Error Ps038?

As the error message clearly denotes, the most apparent reason for the occurrence of QuickBooks error ps038 is an inactive payroll subscription.

The other reasons for the error ps038 in QuickBooks desktop include:

  • Outdated QB application can lead. 
  • Using an old approach to download the QuickBooks Payroll can trigger this error.
  • The error pops up when the paychecks get stuck as Online to Send while the user tries to send it via online mode.
  • The damaged company files are also an apparent reason for Error Code ps038.
  • An inactive payroll subscription is also an error message ps038.
  • An inactive bank account can also lead to this error ps038 in QuickBooks.
  • When you have not installed payroll updates, then also this error code can appear.

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS038 Causes and System Effects

Besides the immediate effects on the update process, QuickBooks payroll error ps038 additionally has some negative effects on your system. These effects are described as

  • Crashed or Damaged Windows: As the error occurs, it crashes a live window and degrades or damages its performance.
  • Slower System Performance: The QuickBooks Payroll Won’t Update Error Ps038 lowers the processing speed and increases the timing of any task completion.
  • Interrupted Payroll Updates: When this error shows up, the payroll update method gets interrupted.
  • Not being able to Deal with Paychecks: The user has to examine various statistics to check for errors while dealing with paychecks because of data discrepancies issues.

Essential Factors Before Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error Ps038 While Updating Payroll

There are some specific points that you need to take care of before moving forward with fixing the error code ps038 effectively.

First, Update the QuickBooks application to the latest version.

  • Open the QuickBooks application and then click on the Help section.
  • Then select the Update QB Desktop option.
  • Then, from the top right corner, you need to click on the Update Now button.
  • Lastly, click on the Get updates option and complete the update process.

Update QuickBooks Desktop When Getting Error Code Ps038

  • After the updates are completed, close and re-open the QB application.

Try to Create a Backup of the Company File and Payroll Data.

Backup of the Company File and Payroll Data

  • And when the Create Backup Window pops up on the screen, select the Local Backup option.
  • Click on the Options button given there.

Create Backup Window

  • Then, when the Backup Options Window appears on the screen, then click on the Browse button.

Backup Options

  • Select a Location to store your Backup copy.
  • Once the location is selected, click on the OK button.

Install the latest updates of the payroll tax table.

Install the latest updates of the payroll tax table

  • And when the Update is completed, you will get an informational window on the screen.
  • Then, to get the payroll updates’ full function, make sure that the QuickBooks application is updated with the latest version.

Steps to Rectify the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS038

QuickBooks payroll update error ps038 can be rectified by sending the payroll data properly. This way, any stuck data like paychecks or something would not affect your accounting experience in the software. Thus, follow the given solutions to fix the error ps038 in QuickBooks desktop:

Note: You may also get the other P-series errors in QuickBooks, like

  • QuickBooks Error Code PS036, which appears while updating your payroll tax tables,
  • Error code PS032 appears when QuickBooks can not read your payroll setup files and
  • Error Code PS077 comes when downloading payroll updates if the user has not registered QuickBooks software.

All these errors are related to the payroll function of QuickBooks and can mostly be rectified using similar troubleshooting methods.

Step 1: Update your QuickBooks Desktop Application:

You need to make sure that your QuickBooks version is the latest and then up-to-date. The steps to update include

  1. First, start by launching the QuickBooks application and navigating to the Help menu.
  2. Then choose the Update QuickBooks Desktop button and then hit the Update Now button at the top-right corner.
  3. Next, select the Get Updates option and after the download is finished, close and reopen your application and verify the QuickBooks payroll update error ps038.

Step 2: Send Usage data or Payroll data After Updating Application

  1. First, launch the QB Payroll application.
  2. And then click on the Employees tab and then choose the My Payroll Service option.

My Payroll Service

  1. Then, in the My Payroll Service tab, select the Send payroll usage data option.

  1. Later, you need to try to send the payroll data. If the data is sent successfully, go back to update QB Payroll.
  2. In case you still face the QuickBooks error code ps038, you may reach out to our experts at our Toll-free number+1-(855)-955-1942.

Step 3: Check and Find the Paychecks Stuck as “Online to Send”

In this step, you will identify if any of the paychecks are stuck on the QB online mode as “Online to Send.” If yes, then you do not need to delete or edit those stuck paychecks; you just need to make a note of the total number of matches with the help of the Find window at the bottom right corner. Also, make sure to take notes of both the newest and oldest stuck checks for further reference.

Follow the given step-by-step procedures to identify the stuck paychecks and resolve QuickBooks payroll error PS038.

  1. First, under the Edit tab, go to the Find option and choose the Advanced button.

QuickBooksFind Option

  1. Then, under the Choose Filter tab, you have to look for the Filter list and then select the Detail Level option.
  2. After that, you have to choose the option saying Summary Only.
  3. Next, from the Choose Filter tab, this time you have to look for the Filter list and select Online Status.
  4. Also, from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the screen, select the Online to send option.
  5. Then lastly, click on the Find button and check all the unsent paychecks causing the ps038 payroll error.

Step 4: Use the Verify and Rebuild Data Tool.

Before you move on with this step to fix the Unable To Update Payroll Error PS038, make sure to get the backup of your QB files. Also, first, run the verify data tool, and if it shows stuck paychecks, then you need to run the rebuild data check.

Steps to use the Verify Data Tool:

  1. Launch the QB application and move to the File menu, followed by the Utilities tab.
  2. There, you need to opt for the Verify Data option.

verify data in QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Then, close all the open windows by hitting OK.
  2. Lastly, if the QB did not detect any issue with your data, you need to tap on OK.

Steps to use the Rebuild Data Tool:

  1. Go to the File menu then to the Utilities tab.
  2. After that, hit on the Rebuild Data option.

Rebuild Data Tool

  1. Next, hit the OK button to allow it to create a backup, followed by the Save button.
  2. Then, once the rebuild tool finishes the scan, go for the View Results option.

If the rebuild data tool shows that it has fixed the issues in paychecks. But, if the rebuild data cannot eliminate all the stuck payrolls and you still face the QuickBooks ps038 error while downloading the payroll updates, then there can be these causes for the glitch.

  • Your paychecks may have crossed the oldest billing dates. However, in this case, most of the time, you won’t receive the ps038 error notification.
  • You might have utilized the condensed data tool earlier in the QB desktop file for some particular dates that consist of stuck paychecks.
  • Maybe your accountant’s copy is pending.

In such cases, you need to follow one more step which is given below:

Step 5: Verify the Information on Paychecks Stuck in QuickBooks Application.

  1. Follow the steps mentioned in the Check and Find Paycheck Stuck as Online to Send section and get the list of all the paychecks that are still stuck in the application.
  2. Then, you need to open the first paycheck from the list and click on the Paycheck Details option.
  3. Once you get the Review Paycheck window, you need to go to the Earnings tab.
  4. Then, go for the last item in the list and again add it as a new item.
  5. This action will prompt QB desktop to display a Net Pay Locked window. Here, you need to click No and close it.
  6. After that, you have to choose the Rate Field option for the item you had just added as new in the fourth step.
  7. Now, make sure that there are no changes made in the Net Pay and taxes fields, and then click OK.
  8. Then, click Yes if any pop with the Past Transactions message comes up on the screen.
  9. Next, you need to hit the Save & Close buttons, followed by the Yes button when the Recording Transactions message appears on the screen.
  10. Then, re-open the paycheck and click on the Paycheck Details button.
  11. Moving forward, delete the item that you added in the fourth step.
  12. Now, once again, make sure that no changes are made in the taxes and Net Pay fields and click OK.
  13. Finally, hit the Save & Close buttons to save the changes.
  14. Lastly, follow the same instructions for each stuck paycheck and check if the error is now resolved.

To Sum up!!

The above-mentioned steps are to be followed in the given sequence only in order to resolve the QuickBooks Error PS038. And also, make sure you follow the steps for all the stuck paychecks. Otherwise, you will still face the error ps038 in QuickBooks even after performing all the steps. However, these steps might be too technical for you, so we recommend you take the help of some experts to solve the issue. You can connect with our QuickBooks experts by calling us at our Toll-free number +1-(855)-955-1942. Our experts will patiently understand your problem and will help you rectify it easily.

Question 1: Why am I facing the QuickBooks payroll error ps038?

Ans: You are facing the  QuickBooks payroll error ps038 because of the following reasons:
1. You have not installed the latest payroll update.
2. You have damaged the QB company file on the system.
3. An Invalid payroll subscription can also be a reason for ps038.

Question 2: How does the PS038 error affect my system?

Ans: The PS038 error affects your system in the following ways:
1. It can affect or degrade your system’s performance.
2. Can hinder the payroll update process.
3. Can make you stuck over sending paychecks online.

Question 3: How do I remove a paycheck in QuickBooks Online?

Ans: You can delete a paycheck in QuickBooks Online by clicking on the Payroll tab from the left menu. Then go to the Employee list, and from the Run Payroll tab, select the Paycheck List. You can also change the date range if you want and then select the paycheck that you want to delete. Lastly, click the Delete button and checkmark the tickbox to confirm the deletion process.

Question 4: How do I delete a paycheck in QuickBooks Online?

Ans: To delete a paycheck in QuickBooks Online, simply locate and open the paycheck. Next, select the Edit menu and go for the Delete Paycheck option. Then, a message saying, “Are you sure you want to delete this paycheck?” will appear on the screen; click OK to permanently delete it.

Question 5: How do I fix the error ps038 in QuickBooks desktop?

Ans: Fixing the error ps038 in QuickBooks desktop involves a multi-step process. This includes: Updating the application, creating the backup, sending payroll or usage data, identifying the stuck paycheck, and then running the Verify and Rebuild Utility Tool.

Question 6: What are some common methods to resolve the P-series errors in QuickBooks?

Ans: The common methods to resolve the P-series errors in QuickBooks like PS038, PS036, and PS032 involve checking the payroll service subscription, running Quick Fix my Program from QuickBooks Tool Hub, and registering & updating your QuickBooks Desktop.

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