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Fix QuickBooks Error 81624: [Unable to Edit Credit Card Info]

Error 81624 in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Error 81624 generally occurs due to incorrect address or information entered by the user indicating a payment authorization failure.

QuickBooks allows users to connect their bank account directly with the application as it streamlines their business functions. Unfortunately, due to QuickBooks Error 81624, many users are unable to connect their bank account to the application. It prevents users from updating their billing information and creates a barrier when attempting to edit credit card information. Read the entire article to fix the error.

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Major Reasons for QuickBooks Online Error 81624

QuickBooks Online offers good security for your sensitive information, specially during the payment processing. QuickBooks Error code 81624 is generally caused due to wrong information entered by the users. The list of all the reasons leading to this error are:

  • The address you entered in QBO is invalid. 
  • The billing details you entered in QBO do not match the information saved with your client’s financial institution. 
  • A cache or cookie file on your system is damaged. 

Cross-checking the information entered in QBO and accessing the account without cache files will help you resolve QuickBooks Online Error 81624. Here are the detailed steps you need to follow:

IMPORTANT: Before you jump onto these solutions, ensure that you are logged in as administrator. 

Solution 1- Your Company Address must be Correct

You may receive QuickBooks payment authorization error 81624, If you have included erroneous or incomplete address information in your application. Check it and correct it if necessary through these steps:- 

  • Tap on the Gear icon to Select Account and Settings.
  • Click on the Address tab on the Company tab in order to edit it. 
  • Go through the Company’s address information and make any necessary changes.
  • Tap on Save. 

Note: In case you don’t have Postal Code, enter 00000.

Solution 2- Check your Client’s Billing Information

If your client’s billing information does not match the information saved with your financial institution, you will face QuickBooks Error 81624. These are a few things you need to take into consideration when entering your client’s credit card information:-

  • Ensure that no special characters or symbols (such as @ or *) are part of your billing address. The use of a special character is a possible reason behind this error.
  • Including postal code, all the fields on the payment method screen is filled in. 

The process to check and edit credit card information if required is as follow:

  • Tap on the Sales menu.
  • Go to the Customers tab.
  • Find and select your customer and tap on Edit.
  • Click on the Customer profile section and tap on the Payments and billing tab.
  • Choose Credit Card from the Preferred Payment Method list.
  • Enter the required information and click on Save when done. 

Solution 3- Use Private Window

Every time you visit QuickBooks online, caches and cookies are created, and they save information in order for the website to load faster the next time you visit. In QuickBooks Online, old or damaged files can obstruct application processes, resulting in error 81624. When you run it in incognito mode, no cookie or cache file can interfere with the QBO. Every web browser has different shortcut keys to enter incognito mode. Let’s look at the shortcut keys for a few web browsers:- 

  • Safari:- Command +Shift+N
  • Mozilla Firefox:- CTRL+Shift+P  
  • Google Chrome:- CTRL+Shift+N
  • Microsoft Edge:- CTRL+Shift+P

Solution 4- Clear Your Browser’s Cache

Clearing your cache and cookie files is another option for removing corrupted files from your system. Try permanently deleting them before proceeding with the payment. After removing the cookies associated with them, you’ll be logged out of QuickBooks Online.

Solution 5- Switch to another Browser

There is a possibility that QuickBooks error 81624 on your system is your browser’s fault. Try shifting to an entirely new browser and log into your QBO account to complete the action. It is advised to download the browser from the developer’s official site so that there is no damage in the installation file of that browser.

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We discussed all the reasons leading to QuickBooks error Code: 81624 and all the possible troubleshooting methods for it. If your error is still not resolved we will advise you to reach out to technical experts at QuickBooks Data Service Solutions helpline number +1(855)-955-1942 , and they can guide you in a better manner.

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