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[Solved] QuickBooks Error Code 1612: Causes, Signs, and Solutions 

6 Methods to Solve QuickBooks Error Code 1612 [Causes & Signs]

With every update, QuickBooks becomes more enhanced with features, but dealing with several errors has always been a troublesome thing for its users. One such common error that its users usually face is QuickBooks Error Code 1612. It is a common QuickBooks error related to corrupted components of the system or faulty configuration. Though it can be resolved in many ways, it is always important to first understand the reasons for its occurrence. Then implement the solutions. For the same thing, we have curated this blog for you.

It will guide you to the reasons and signs for the QuickBooks desktop error 1612, followed by its troubleshooting methods. So, go through the complete article.

QuickBooks Error Code 1612: Description and Error Message

Quickbooks error code 1612 is an installation error that occurs while updating the QuickBooks application. As the error strikes, it immediately stops the update process, and the user gets stuck there. It may also emerge while the user attempts to access the company file.

The error message for the QuickBooks desktop error 1612 that appears on the user’s screen says-

Error 1612- The update installer is not accessible.

QuickBooks Error Code 1612
QuickBooks Error Code 1612

QuickBooks Error Code 1612: Reasons that led to it

The primary reason for the appearance of QuickBooks Error Code 1612 is the missing  .msi file from the Windows Installer Cache. It is a file that your computer reads and loads into the Windows Installer cache whenever you install QB software. The other reasons that could also possibly trigger this QuickBooks error code 1612 are as follows:

  • The corrupted installation process of the QuickBooks application can cause you to face the QuickBooks error code 1612.
  • An unauthenticated or Invalid Windows registry can also be a reason behind error 1612 in QuickBooks.
  • The damage to some essential files due to a malware or virus attack can also infect the files and cause error 1612 in QuickBooks.
  • If you have improperly shut down the system then also, you may face the QuickBooks error 1622.
  • The accidental deletion of essential files can also lead QuickBooks to function improperly and the install procedure to get interrupted, and QuickBooks Error Code 1612 may appear.
  • The corrupted company file may also interfere with the QB functioning and cause you to face the QuickBooks Error Code 1612.
  • If you are installing the Qb software from the CD, which is defective can also cause the error 1612 to appear in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Error Code 1612: Signs to identify it

Before you begin the troubleshooting process, you need to know if it’s error 1612 or another issue causing these problems in QuickBooks. These signs to recognize the error include

  • If your system suddenly stops responding, then this error may be the reason.
  • Your QB application may freeze, hang, or not respond to any of your instructions.
  • The update process may stop all of a sudden in the middle, or the download process may get frozen.
  • Your Windows operating system may also freeze for periodic intervals.
  • The error message with the error code 1612 will flash on the screen.

QuickBooks Error Code 1612: Troubleshooting Methods to fix it

Fixing the QuickBooks Error Code 1612 is pretty simple; you just have to follow the methods given below step by step. These methods include: Reset the Patch, Repair the QuickBooks Software, Scan QuickBooks with the System File Checker, and others. 

Method 1: Reset the Patch to fix the QuickBooks Error Code 1612.

Sometimes resetting the patch can fix this issue of error code 1612 that you found on your system. Thus follow the given steps to do so:

  1. If the QuickBooks application does not work properly on your system, you need to redownload the patch.
  2. Then, you need to go to the Share Download Folder and turn it on and off one by one.
  3. Now, to turn off the folder, you need to click on the OFF button and then hit the Save button.
  4. After that,  click on the ON button and then click on the Save option to turn it on.
  5. Lastly, you need to repeat the aforesaid steps 1 to 3 times.  If the QuickBooks Error Code 1612 still persists, then you need to follow the next solution mentioned below.

Method 2: Repair your QuickBooks Software and fix the QuickBooks Error Code 1612

This error code 1612 can appear due to the corrupted QuickBooks company file. So, you need to follow the given steps to repair the software:

  1. First, click the Start button and select the Control Panel option.
  2. Then, from the Control Panel window, you need to go to the Programs and Features section.
  3. Now, from the Programs and Features window, you need to search and look for the QuickBooks Desktop application and select it.
  4. Here, you will find two options Uninstall/Change.
  5. You need to click on the Repair button and start the repair process.
  6. And once the repair process is done, restart your system and try to update the QuickBooks application.
    (know how to download QuickBooks Desktop).

Method 3: Scan Your QuickBooks using System File Checker and fix the QuickBooks Error Code 1612.

System File Checker is an excellent Windows tool that can help you repair your corrupted QB files and components. So, implement the following steps to undertake the action:

  1. To begin the process, press the Windows + R keys together and open the Run command dialog box.
  2. Then enter the word cmd in the run box and open the Command Prompt window that will appear in the top results of the search.
  3. Then, in the window display,  type the word SFC/Scannow and hit the Enter button.
  4. After that, once the Enter key is pressed, the scanning process will begin. It might take a while to complete the process.
  5. Lastly, restart the system after the process finishes and check if the error persists.

Method 4: Uninstall the Corrupted Application and fix the QuickBooks Error Code 1612.

If the Windows installer database file, that is .msi file is missing from your system; then you may come across this QuickBooks desktop error 1612. So, the other solution to fix the QuickBooks desktop error 1612 is to uninstall the corrupted application. The steps for different Windows OS are given below:

For Windows 7 and Vista:

  1. First, launch the Control panel from the Start tab on the desktop. 
  2. Then, hit the Programs and Feature tab.
  3. Afterwards, click on the Uninstall/ Change a program option.
  4. Now, from the list of opened programs, choose Windows Installer.
  5. And click Uninstall and proceed with the removal process.
  6. Now, reboot your system and check if this solution works.

For Windows 8:

  1.  Start the process from the Start tab and then right-click to open the menu.
  2. Now, choose the Programs and Features option.
  3. Next, you need to browse the Windows Installer and find the error code 1612-related issue.
  4. Then, click on this entry and click on Uninstall/ Change.
  5. Now, execute the on-screen instructions and finish the uninstallation process.
  6. Lastly, reboot the system to apply the changes.

For Windows XP

  1. First, you need to go to the Start tab and hit the All Programs option.
  2. Then click on the Control Panel.
  3. Now when the Control Panel window opens, choose the add/ remove a program option.
  4. Next, under the list of currently installed programs, you need to find the QuickBooks error 1612-related windows installer key.
  5. Now, select the Windows Installer Entry program and hit the Remove button.
  6. Wait and let the uninstall process finish, and then reboot your system.

Method 5: Configure the QuickBooks Software Settings

This method includes two solutions simultaneously. The first is to clean and error-free installation of the QB by uninstalling and reinstalling the application. And the second is to configure the software settings to eliminate the error.

So, let us dive deep into the steps to complete this method:

  1. First, hit the Start button and search for the QuickBooks application from the list of programs.
  2. Then click right on the QB icon and hit the Uninstall button.
  3. Now, let the uninstall process finish. Ensure to take a backup of your company files before implementing this step. This will protect you from losing your data.
  4. After that, the official Intuit website and search and download the elated version of the QuickBooks program.
  5. Now, set up the application by entering your login credentials and following the on-screen steps.
  6. After the QB installation completes, go to the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  7. Then go to the Programs and Features option and click on the associated entry option under the name option.
  8. After choosing the associated files, hit Uninstall button.
  9. Again, from the Control Panel, hit on the Programs and Features tab and find QuickBooks.
  10. Now, select it and hit the Repair option.
  11. Lastly, let the repair process finish the job and restart your system.

Method 6: Configure the Third-Party Antivirus Application on system

  1. First, check the firewall ports and make sure that QuickBooks or the related files aren’t disabled.
  2. Now, you need to Configure the settings of the anti-virus and check if QB is in the blocked applications list. If yes, then remove it from there.
  3. For the last step, you can choose to uninstall the anti-virus program if the above steps don’t work in your favor. For this, again, go to Control Panel and look for the Programs and Features. Now, choose the Uninstall a program option followed by Antivirus software. Next, hit the Uninstall and OK buttons and Restart the system.

To Sum Up!!

The above-mentioned steps will help you easily tackle the QuickBooks Error Code 1612. However, if the error persists, you can also try to restart your computer in Safe mode and then install the QB application again. Also, ensure that your QB, as well as Windows, is up-to-date. Rest you can also contact us for any kind of assistance. Just dial our Toll-free number +1-(855)-955-1942.

1. How to fix the  QuickBooks Error Code 1612?

To fix the QuickBooks Error Code 1612, you can reset the patch, repair your QB application, System File Checker, or follow any other steps mentioned in the blog above.

2. How do I run QB in selective startup mode to get rid of error code 1612?

To run the QB in selective startup mode, implement the following steps:
1. Go to the Start window and open the Run box.
2. Then type MSConfig in the Run window and press Enter.
3. Now, under the General tab, click on the Startup option followed by Services.
4. Then, press the Hide all Microsoft services button.
5. After that, you need to disable the rest and mark the checkbox against Clear all Microsoft Providers.
6. Then hit the OK button and restart your system configuration window.
7. After all these, switch back to the normal startup mode and repeat the first 2 steps.
8. Now, under the General tab, choose the Normal startup option.
9. Lastly, save all the changes by hitting OK and then restarting your system.

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