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QuickBooks Error 2147221164: Class not Registered [Solved]

6 Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 2147221164

QuickBooks Error 2147221164, also known as Class not Registered error, is a very commonly faced error by QuickBooks users. It appears randomly on the screen and hinders the process of getting payroll reports, getting tax forms filled, etc.  There can be various reasons for its appearance, including problems with the software installation and conflicts with other programs or files on your computer. Here in this blog, we will discuss everything you need to learn about the error 2147221164 class not registered in detail. The blog will teach you the causes, reasons, and solutions to fix it.

What is QuickBooks Error 2147221164? Meaning and Error Message

The QuickBooks Error 2147221164 is a run-time error that appears abruptly in the QB when working on the software. It majorly happens if the required DLLs that start the QuickBooks sync session are not registered on the computer. The error message for the QuickBooks error code 2147221164 that appears on the screen says, 

“ Error: 2147221164(80040154) Class not registered has occurred in the following procedure: StartQBSession.”

QuickBooks Error 2147221164
QuickBooks Error 2147221164

What are the Reasons the Trigger the QuickBooks Error 2147221164?

One of the major reasons for the appearance of this QuickBooks Error 2147221164 is some issues with the installation of QuickBooks software. If you have not installed it properly or it has got corrupted, then this error 2147221164 class not registered appears on the screen. The other reasons for the error to appear are discussed below:

  • You might have an inactive Payroll subscription.

  • If some action has damaged your Microsoft Office files, then you may also face the error code 2147221164 in QuickBooks.

  • Using an outdated version of QuickBooks may also result in QuickBooks error code  2147221164.

What are the Quick Ways to Resolve the QuickBooks Error 2147221164?

One of the troubleshooting methods to resolve this error is to check for your system’s basic requirements. It includes: checking the operating system, database server, browser requirements, etc.

Method 1: Checking Your System Requirements

Check if your system is compatible with the QuickBooks application that you are using on it.

Below is the list that your need to check for your system’s compatibility with QuickBooks Desktop 2020.

Requirements for Operating System:

  • For Windows 10, all editions, including 64-bit, natively installed.

  • For Windows 8.1 (Update 1), all editions, including 64-bit, natively installed.

  • For Windows Server 2019, Standard and Essentials.

  • Windows 2016, Standard and Essentials.

  • For Windows 2012, Standard and Essentials.

  • For Windows 2012 R2, Standard and Essentials.

  • Windows Small Bussiness Server 2011, Standard and Essentials.

Note: For QuickBooks, you have to use Windows natively and not through any virtual environment or natively.

Requirements for Database Server:

For Windows (Natively Installed)

  • Windows Server 2019, Standard and Essentials

  • Windows Server 2016, Standard and Essentials

  • Windows Server 2012, Standard and Essentials

  • Windows Server 2012 R2. Standard and Essentials

  • Windows Server 11

  • Windows Small Business Server 2011. Standard and Essentials

  • Windows 10

  • Windows 8.1 (Update 1)

Linux (For QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Database Server-only installation)

  • OpenSuse 42.3

  • Fedora 29

  • Red Hat Enterprise 7 (RHEL 7.4)

Requirements for Browser:

Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit)

Hardware and Operating system

  1. For Processor: 2.4 GHz minimum.
  2. RAM Requirements: 4 GB minimum, 8 GB recommended, 

  • Server RAM Requirements: For 1-2 Users: 8 GB RAM, For 10 Users: 12 GB RAM, For 15 Users: 16 GB RAM, For 20+ Users: 20+ RAM.

  1. Disk Space: 2.5 GB disk space (additional required for data files). Additional software requirements: 60 MB for Microsoft.NET 4.6 Runtime, for Data Protection in QuickBooks Connected Services offerings with minimum 4.0 GB RAM; twice the size of the largest file set to back up + 100 MB or twice the size to restore. The space is only required for the work folder which is LocalApplicationData+ ”Intuit\IntuitDataProtect.”

Note: For the best performance of QuickBooks, you have to store your QB data file on a solid-state drive (SSD).

  1. Windows: For the US version of Windows Regional settings, it is supported when it is set to English. Also, you have to provide Administrator rights for the server computer while hosting multi-user access. Windows should also be Natively Installed on a particular system or environment which is specially designed for it. So, you do not need to run it in a virtual environment or emulation software.
  2. Optical Drive: For CD installations: 4X DVD-ROM drive (unless QB is downloaded from Intuit Server).
  3. Screen Resolution: The display should be optimized for 1280 × 1024 screen resolution or even higher with up to 2 extended monitors. Best if optimized for the Default DPI setting for a given computer.

Note: Internet access is mandatory.

Requirements for Software Compatibility:

A large list of applications can be integrated with QuickBooks. Most of these apps you can find on the Intuit App Store itself. The list of applications that are compatible with QuickBooks is as follows:

  • Microsoft Office:

Office 2019 (Generally compatible with R3 and later).

Office 2016 ( including Outlook 2016) both on 32 and 64-bit.

Office 2010 SP2, Office 2013, and 365 (including both Outlook 2010 and 2013 with 32 and 64-bit.

Note to Remember: Office 365 is only supported when it is only locally installed and not the web version.

Microsoft Outlook is majorly required to be installed for the following reasons:

  • Email estimates, invoices, and other forms require Microsoft Outlook 2010-2016, Microsoft with Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and,, other supporting email clients.
  • Preparing letters requires either Microsoft Word 2016, 2013, or 2010 or Office 365 (includes 64-bit).
  • Exporting reports requires MS Excel 2016, 2013, or 2010 SP2 or Office 365 (includes 64-bit).
  • Contact Synchronization with MS Outlook also requires Outlook 2010 (32-bit).
  • Synchronization with Outlook also requires QB Contact Sync for Outlook ( the download is available free).

Note: The contact sync does not work with the MS Business Contact Manager Outlook plug-in. Syncing could not cause duplicate records.

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale V18.0 and V12.0
  • TurboTax 2019 and 2018 (Personal and Business)
  • Pro-Series tax years 202, 2019, and 2018.
  • Lacerte 2019 and 2018.
  •  QuickBooks for Mac 2020, 2019, 2016.
  • Quicken 2019, 2018,2017, and 2016.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Business Planner, Payroll, and viewing forms also require Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later.
  • Payroll and other online features and services also require Internet access with a minimum 56 KBps connection speed (Though 1 Mbps is recommended). Also, you are recommended to use DSL or cable modem.
  • You will also require Gmail, Yahoo Email, Windows Mail, Hotmail, and AOL (like Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client, which supports plain text versions).
  • Internet Explorer 11.

Requirements for Firewall and Antivirus Software Compatibility:

The list of the Anti-virus and Firewall that perfectly pair with QuickBooks.

  • Windows Server Firewall (all editions)
  • Windows 8.1 Firewall (all editions)
  • Microsoft Security Essentials.
  • AVG
  • Avast
  • ESET
  • NortonLifeLock (formerly known as Symantec)
  • Avira
  • McAfee
  • Kaspersky
  • Bitdefender
  • Malwarebytes

Note to Remember: Though QuickBooks functions well with the system running RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks), it is generally not advised to be used, as it slows down the QuickBooks function.

Method 2: Update QuickBooks Application

QuickBooks Error 2147221164 can also arise if you have an outdated version of the QuickBooks application on your system. Thus, you need to follow the following steps to update your application.

  1. First, run the QB application.
  2. Then tap on the Help tab and choose the option to Update QuickBooks desktop.
  3. Next, click the Update Now menu and checkmark the Reset Update option.
  4. Finally, you need to hit on the Get Updates buttons and remove the previously downloaded updates.
  5. Then tap OK to continue the method ahead.
  6. Once the download process is finished, return to the application and re-run it to start the installation process.

Method 3: Repair the Office Application on the System.

In case your Microsoft Office application is damaged, then also this QuickBooks Error 2147221164 can appear. In such a case, you need to repair the application and resolve the error.

Steps for Windows 10:

  1. Start the process by hitting the Start button and clicking the Apps and Features option from the menu.
  2. Now, choose the Microsoft Excel option from the list and hit the Modify button.

Note to Remember: The method will force Microsoft Windows to repair the whole Office suite, even if the issue is with only one. In that case, you need to search the application by its name.

  1. For the third step, you will have the following options available to repair the application depending on whether your copy of the Office is a Click-to-run type or MSI-based installation. So, you can follow the steps accordingly based on the type of installation you have chosen.

  • For Click-to-run type: Here, in the window that says, “How would you like to repair your Office Programs,” you need to tap on the Online repair and Repair to ensure that everything is fixed.
  • MSI- based: Here, you need to select Repair in Change your installation and then hit on Continue button.

  1. After that, you need to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the repair process for the Office suite.

Method 4: Automate the Internet Explorer ETW Collector 

This solution works even if you do not have an active payroll subscription. Follow the given steps to resolve QuickBooks error 2147221164.

  1. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run window.
  2. Then type in the text services.msc and hit the Enter button.
  3. After that, when a new window appears on the screen, search for the Internet ETW Collector Services option on the list.
  4. Then, click right on it and select the properties section.
  5. Here, go to the Start-up option and choose the Automatic option.
  6. Now, click right on it and tap Start.
  7. Lastly, close all the windows and restart the application.

Method 5: Check your Export Settings

If the QuickBooks error 2147221164 appears to you while exporting the resorts to excel, then you need to follow the given steps:

  1. Firstly, make sure that the report has less than 256 columns.
  2. If the amount is more than 256, then you need to click on the Advanced option and then unmark the Space between the columns checkbox.
  3. Finally, hit OK and save your changes.

Method 6: Reinstall the Office 32-bit version

The error 2147221164: Class not Registered can also arise if you are using Microsoft Office in the 64-bit version and it is unable to process the commands by the application. In this case, you can resolve the issue by installing 32-bit version. Follow the process as:

  1. Uninstall the Office 365 version that you are currently using.
  2. Then go to the and log into your account.
  3. After that, tap on the Install Office option link.
  4. Then choose the Other Install options from the list that appears.
  5. Now, tap on the View apps and devices button.
  6. Finally, choose the Office, language, and version from the result page. Remember, from the options 32 or 64-bit; you need to choose the 32-bit edition.

To Conclude Everything:

Well, here we have summed up the methods to resolve the QuickBooks error 2147221164: Class not Registered in a very easy and short way. However, if you still find the methods to be much technical and difficult to follow, then you may directly connect with our QuickBooks Support experts to get assistance. Our QB Experts will make you understand the root cause of the problem and will help you resolve it smoothly. Call our Toll-free number +1-(855)-955-1942 to connect with our experts at Data Service Solution.

1. What does QuickBooks error 2147221164 mean?

QuickBooks error 2147221164 is also known as a class not registered error. It means that the DLLs that are required to start the QuickBooks sync session are not registered on your computer. 

2. To whom do I connect if I face the QuickBooks error 2147221164?

You can connect with the Data Service Solutions support experts if you face QuickBooks error 2147221164 and face it difficult to resolve it.

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