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Quickbooks error 102: Learn the methods to fix it

Quickbooks error 102

Many people around the world are dependent on QuickBooks for their accounting needs. However, sometimes due to issues with the banking institution, the users may face different types of errors in QB. An example of one such error is Quickbooks error 102. This error takes place if your bank website is undergoing some maintenance or its server is unreachable. Because of this error, you may face difficulties in making a connection between QB and the bank. Thus, you need to resolve error 102 at the earliest. You can use this blog to fix error 102 in QuickBooks.

What exactly the QuickBooks Error 102 mean?

QuickBooks error 102 is typically a banking error that occurs in QB Online and Self-employed and restricts you from accessing the bank account or transactions via WB. It appears on the screen when there is a technical issue on the bank’s side. The error message for this says something like that, QuickBooks is presently unable to establish a link with your bank website. Error 102.” There can be other reasons also that can cause QuickBooks error 102 to appear on your screen and hamper your productivity. The reasons and troubleshooting ways are given below.

Why do you face QuickBooks Error 102?

Apart from the issue with the bank website, the error code 102 in QuickBooks can also be triggered by some internal glitches in QuickBooks itself. We have discussed them below.

  • Your bank account login info is incorrect.
  • The network issue within the operating system can also trigger Quickbooks error 102.
  • Any issues at the Bank’s end, like server down and website maintenance, can cause error 102.
  • When a new bank account is added in QuickBooks and online banking is not started for it, then it can also lead to this issue.
  • Having more than one browser extension can also trouble you with error code 102.
  • Even wireless networks can create problems.

How to identify QuickBooks Error 102?

In case you get stuck with any QuickBooks banking error, look out for these indicators to identify if the error code is 102 and then act accordingly.

  • The error message describing QuickBooks Error 102 flashes frequently on your screen.
  • You are not able to download or update your financial transactions in QuickBooks.
  • The Quickbooks Desktop is unable to connect with your Financial Institution.
  • If you are facing a sluggish performance of your system to the inputs provided by the keyboard and mouse.
  • Your system starts to crash every then and now.
  • You have to face a blue screen on your system.
  • Facing trouble while starting or shutting down the QB application or even the system also indicates the occurrence of QuickBooks error 102.
  • You face instructions in the installation or updation process.

What are the methods to fix QuickBooks Error 102?

Since the QuickBooks Error 102 is related to your banking information, it is advised for you to check and update your banking information, verify your login information along with checking for other updates and notifications from your bank’s site. Below is the step-by-step guide for you to fix QuickBooks Error 102.

Method 1: Update your Bank Connection in QuickBooks

If you do not find any maintenance sign on your QuickBooks Desktop application after facing the QuickBooks Error 102, then you have to update your account. You can follow two steps to update it, either manually or automatically. You just have to first click on the Update button under the Banking menu. Then it will provide you with further options. You need to run at least three manual updates during the peak hour of the bank. Below given are the steps for both manual updates and automatic updates.

Update your Bank Connection in QuickBooks
Update your Bank Connection in QuickBooks

Steps for Manual Update

Not all the accounts support the automatic update option of QuickBooks, some demand maul updates. In such cases, you are supposed to update manually to get the present-day data. However, sometimes even when it supports the auto-update, and you don’t find the current day’s details after an auto-update, then you need to update your information manually. Here is what you can do to update the information then.

  1. Go to the Banking Section from the Menu in the left pane.
  2. If only some specific accounts demand the update, then you can choose the clear unwanted option.
  3. Next, click on the update now option.
  4. And when you get a pop-up to choose the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) option, just click on the continue button and proceed to update.

Remember that manual updates are only sufficient for a time period of 90 days. You have to update again after the completion of these days. You can opt for the automatic update if the account supports it, or you can do it manually.

Steps for Automatic Update

The automatic updates for the Online Banking Account mostly begin at 3 Am according to Pacific Time. You do not have any switch to Turn the Auto Update On or Off. Also, you cannot even control any specific items from getting downloaded and being added to your bank register. However, in any case, if the QB online server is not able to update the information for a particular account, then it will attempt it five more times to get the information in the next five hours. The information that the QB server receives and updates depends on the shares of your financial institution with QB Online.

How to check if the Automatic Update option is working fine?

  • Go to the left Menu and tap on the Banking option.
  • Then, on the right corner, you will find the Update button.
  • Once you click on it, you will find the date and time of the last update in the last update column.

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Method 2: Check if your Account details are accurate or not.

For this step, you need to log in to your bank account using the URL provided by your bank for online banking. The URL would be in the format of In case you fail to connect to your bank account, you can follow the below-given steps to download and fix transactions in QB Online. 

Login to Your Bank Account
Login to Your Bank Account

  1. First, go to the Banking option from the upper pane.
  2. If you are linking your bank account for the first time, you need to go through the search option and spot your Bank’s name.
  3. Else, if you have already linked to the bank, then click on the Add account option. Then look for the name of your bank in the list.
  4. Once you find the name of the bank from the list, select it.
  5. Next, go to the bank’s website and then enter your User ID/ Login ID and Password.
  6. After that, hit the Continue button.
  7. If needed, you have to conduct the added security verification steps and then select Connect
  8. Proceed ahead and then select the symbol of your bank to the left of your account and then connect it from the menu. Then you would need to select your bank type or MasterCard account. If you do not have an existing account, you will see a choice Add+new  to make a replacement account.
  9. Once you have done it, QB will download the online transactions, including your banking and cc transactions for the past 90 days
  10. Then click the Connect button to proceed ahead.
  11. When the download gets finished, you will automatically be transferred to the banking page.
  12. You can review, classify and accept the transactions in QB through the Review tab. It will have all the transactions that were downloaded from your bank or financial organization.

In case, even after doing all these steps, your bank is not listed, or you can not connect it, then you have to contact your bank or download the transactions from the location of your bank and then upload it to QuickBooks.

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Method 3: Review your account information and notifications.

Sometimes, this Quickbooks error 102 may arise because your bank has launched some new feature and requires you to perform certain steps. And it sends you all the details in the notification. However, if you forget to check the notifications and miss those steps, you can face the issue. Thus it is important to timely check the notifications or messages sent from your bank’s end. For this, just log in by entering your credentials and then check for any message, notification, warning, or anything from your bank. Additionally, you can also keep a check on your account summary, history, & transactions.

Method 4: Make sure that your account is not New to the Bank.

You are likely to get the QuickBooks banking error 102 if you have recently opened your account or if the account is new to the bank or credit card. Sometimes, accounts do not even work with the online banking function. So contact your bank for the same and provide more details about the issue. 

The Closure Note!!

Even after performing all the steps mentioned above correctly, you still face the error. There is a high chance that the bank is having trouble. In such a case, give yourself some time and let your bank figure out the issue. If there is some technical glitch on their end, they will solve it within half an hour. So wait for some time before moving ahead with any other steps. However, if you still face the issue and need more help, you can also call us at +1-(855)-955-1942 for further assistance. Our Quickbooks Support Experts will patiently guide you to rectify the error.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my Wells Fargo Bank Account showing QuickBooks error 102?

Your Wells Fargo Bank Account is showing the QuickBooks error 102 because it is facing trouble connecting to Quickbooks either because of its server issue or other issues with the wireless network with the OS.

2. How to fix QuickBooks bank connection error 102 in QuickBooks?

To fix the QuickBooks bank connection error 102 in QB, try to verify your bank connection and account details in QB. For more detailed steps, read the troubleshooting steps given above in the blog.

3. Who do I contact when I face QuickBooks Error 102?

You can contact your bank to clarify if there is some issue at their end. If it is not the case, then contact our support experts at +1-(855)-955-1942 and they will help you fix error 102 in QuickBooks.

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