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Explaining Methods to Print W-2 in QuickBooks Desktop & Online [2022]

Print W-2 Form in Quickbooks Desktop

Form W-2 must be filed by employers to report the salary and wages they paid to their employees. It also includes information about the amount of tax that is withheld and other benefit deductions by them. This form is required to be submitted before January 31 of every year to the IRS and state agency. A copy of it is also required to be sent to the employees. 

Users can easily file and print W-2 in QuickBooks through the Desktop and Online versions. It is advisable to have the W-2 Form in a hardcopy format and thus you should print them even if you are e-filing them. Every QuickBooks payroll service has different procedure to print these forms. We will discuss the steps you need to follow to print W-2 Form in QuickBooks Desktop and Online version for all the services. 

Looking for methods to print W-2 in QuickBooks? Just simply reach out to our experts at +1-(855)-955-1942 and they will give you step-by-step instructions. 

Things to Ensure Before You Print W-2 Form in QuickBooks Desktop and Online

There are certain things based on the tax table and formatting of your paper that need to be verified at the user’s end in order to ensure that you correctly print W-2 in QuickBooks:- 

  • Make sure that your tax table is updated. 
  • Perform a print test on blank paper to ensure that the alignment is right. 

As mentioned above, the steps to print W-2 forms in QuickBooks desktop and online are different based on the payroll service you have opted for. You also have an option to automate the printing of these forms in some versions. Let’s look into this printing process deeply:-

NOTE: You should write REISSUED STATEMENT on the top if you are reprinting W-2 Form for any reason. Also add the instructions for W-2 form with it. This is applicable for all the payroll services.

Buy W-2 Paper

You can’t file W-2 Form on your usual A-4 size sheet as it requires special papers. What paper you should use is based on what QuickBooks payroll service you are using. The type of paper you need are as follows:- 

Service UsingType of Paper
QuickBooks Online Payroll, Inuit Online Payroll EnhancedBlank 3-part perforated paper or Blank 4- perforated paper.
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted (Only applicable for Self Print option)Blank 4-part perforated paper and Plain paper
Quickbooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced, QuickBooks Desktop Payroll StandardBlank 3-part perforated paper and Pre-printed 4-part perforated paper

1. Print W-2 Form in QuickBooks Online Payroll

You have an option to print W-2 Form for the current as well as previous years in QuickBooks Online Payroll. You can find W-2s from the period you started using this service

Step 1: Set your Printing Preferences

You need to set you payroll settings as per the paper you purchased:-

  • Tap on the Settings button and then select Payroll Settings.
  • Click on the Edit button on W2 print preferences.
  • Choose the type of paper you bought and press OK.

Step 2: Print your W-2 Form

You can print the W-2s Form from January 1. QuickBooks Online Payroll also provides you an option to print previous W-2 forms from the time you started using the application. 

  • Click on Taxes and select Payroll Tax.
Steps to Print your W-2 Form
  • Tap on Filings to select Annual Forms.

NOTE: Click on Archived Forms and Select the period if you want to print forms of the previous year.  

  • You can choose to print both employer and employee copies of your W-2s from this page. 
    • Employer Copies: Form W-2 (W-2, Copies A & D)
    • Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements (W-3)
    • Employee Copies: Form W-2 (W-2, Copies B, C & 2)
  • Answer the questions appearing on your screen about contribution to a retirement plan made by you and your employee by clicking on Yes or No.
  • Follow steps 1-3 if you want to get back to your W-2 form option again.
  • Select the required filing period(year) from the list.
Reprint W-2 Form in QBO
  • Tap on View to run Adobe Reader in a different window.
  • Click on Print Icon on the reader toolbar and tap on Print option.

2. Print W-2 Form in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted

Intuit fills W-2 forms for users availing the payroll assisted service. You can also get a printed copy of these forms through two methods- Intuit Print and Self Print. There are certain things you should know about both the options:- 

Intuit Print

If you have chosen Intuit to print and send W-2s forms to your employees, they will send out mails from January 20 onwards and continue to do so until January 31. You can reprint them out on plain paper if required from January 13.


You are required to print and then hand them over or mail them to your employees, postmarked by January 31.

NOTE: The steps to get a printed copy are the same in both options with just one difference- you need to purchase your own paper in the self print option. 

  • Go on the Employees menu and select the Payroll Center.
  • Go to the File Forms tab.
  • Tap on View/Print Forms & W-2s.
  • Type in your payroll PIN and tap on OK. 
  • Click on the W-2s tab and select the year and all or individual employees.
  • Tap on Open/Save Selected.
  • Now, Choose the applicable reason for printing the W-2s 
  • Tap on File on Adobe Reader and click on Print. 

3. Print W-2 Form in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced, QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Standard

Ensure that you are using the latest version of QBD, update it if required. Also, make sure that the tax table is up to the latest release.

  • Go to the Employees menu and select Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s, then click on Process Payroll Forms.
  • Go to File Forms tab and scroll down, then select Annual Form W-2/W-3-Wage and Tax Statement/Transmittal.
  • Click on Create Form.
  • Select all or individual employees to file.
  • Enter in the year and tap on OK.
  • Choose all or individual employees to print. 
  • Tap on Review/Edit to review every W-2. Reviewed W-2s will have a tick mark by their side.
  • Click on the Check for Errors button to ensure that there are no mistakes.
  • Then tap on the Print for Your Records button at the bottom and mark the radio button for W-2 copies you wish to print.
  • Finally click on Print PDF.  

4. Steps to Print W-2 Form in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic

The feature of W-2 forms is not available in this service and you will have to upgrade to Quickbooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced to use it.

5. Steps to Print W-2 Form in Intuit Online Payroll Full Service

W-2s will be mailed to your employees beginning January 20 and ending January 31. Starting January 13, you can reprint them on plain paper if necessary. If you use Intuit Online Payroll Full Service, you can also print previous year W-2s for your employees if needed.

  • Go on the Tax Records menu.
  • Click on Forms and click on the applicable year and period list for W-2s.
  • You can print both employers as well as employee copies of your W-2 from this page.
    • Employer Copies: Form W-2 (W-2, Copies A & D)
    • Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements (W-3)
    • Employee Copies: Form W-2 (W-2, Copies B, C & 2).
  • Tap on the View button. 
  • Click on the Print icon to print the file.  

6. Print W-2 Form in Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced

Step 1 is the same for Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced as it was for QuickBooks Online Payroll. Further steps are as follow:-

  • Go to the Taxes and Forms tab.
  • Select Annual Forms under Forms option.
  • You can choose to print both employer and employee copies of your W-2s and W-3s from this page.
    • Employer Copies: Form W-2 (W-2, Copies A & D)
    • Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements (W-3)
    • Employee Copies: Form W-2 (W-2, Copies B, C & 2).
  • Click on the View button and tap on the Print icon to print your forms. 

So this has been all about how you can print W-2 in QuickBooks desktop and online. We have tried to cover everything in regard to it. If you are stuck somewhere or unable to complete the task, we will advise you to reach out to our experts at QuickBooks Data Service Solutions Helpline Number +1-(855)-955-1942 and they will guide you in the best possible manner.

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