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Want To Add Employee to QuickBooks Payroll [New & Scheduled]? Read It!

Add an Employee to Payroll in QuickBooks

QuickBooks users can Add Employee to QuickBooks payroll list whenever a new person joins the company. Adding an employee to scheduled payroll in QuickBooks will release the payments as per the company’s payment cycle. Your employees must complete all required new hire forms, such as the I-9 and W-4, as well as any state holding allowance forms. Employees can also self setup now and cross-verify their information. It can be done by sending an email to that employee. Let’s look at how to do it and what all information we need in detail.

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‘Add Employee to Scheduled QuickBooks Payroll’ – What Does it Mean?

Businesses prefer to pay their employees on a set schedule. Adding a new employee to the list of active employees and then paying them according to the schedule is what ‘Add employee to scheduled QuickBooks payroll’ means. To Add Employee to Scheduled, the most common format for scheduled payments is:

  • Weekly:- In this format, businesses generally pay the employees on a particular day of the week. Employees get 52 payouts in a year and usually prefer to pay every Friday.

  • Bi-Weekly:- According to this format, businesses tend to pay their employees every two weeks. Employees get a total of 26 payouts.

  • Semi-Monthly:- In this format, employees get their payout Twice a month. Generally, companies prefer to pay first at the starting or middle and then at the end of the month. Employees get a total of 24 payouts.

  • Monthly:- In this format, employees get their dues on a fixed date every month. Employees get a total of 12 payouts per year.

Important Info Required to Add a New Employee to QuickBooks Payroll

These are the essential things you must know about the new employee, Before you move onto steps to add a new employee to QuickBooks payroll:

  • TD-1 form– Personal Information like- name, address, Social Insurance number, dependents, and adjustments are withheld on the Employee’s Withholding Certificate. When you invite your staff, they can enter this information, but you must preserve a copy for your records.

  • Email address– You need their email address so that you can send them an invite to add their personal information and have access to their pay stubs and T4s online.

  • Work Location– This is your employee’s workplace address.

  • Pay info– Note down the details regarding employee’s salary or pay rate, other types of pay as well as pay schedule.

  • Direct Deposit Info– You need to have your employee’s banking account information as generally payrolls are made through direct deposit. Employees are allowed to add up to two bank accounts.

  • Pay History- If you’re new to QuickBooks payroll, this only applies to you. If you’ve already paid your employees this year, you’ll need their year-to-date pay stubs for tax and other purposes.

  • Tax File declaration– You need to enter your employee’s tax file number. Select “I don’t have a tax file number for this employee” and follow one of the four given options:- 
    • Type in the previous surname for the employee if applicable.
    • Check the options offered in the Tax Calculation Options section to see if they are correct for your employee. If not, click the pencil symbol and choose the appropriate settings.
    • Enter the date when your employee signed the hard copy of his or her tax filing declaration form.

Being a part of the QuickBooks online workforce has several advantages, including the ability to view and download pay stubs. To Add Employee to QuickBooks Payroll, follow these steps:

  • Tap on Payroll and then click on Employees.
  • Click on Add an Employee to enter the employee’s name.
  • Also checkmark ‘Invite employees to enter their personal details and view their payslips online with QuickBooks Workforce’ to type in your employee’s email address. 
  • Now, Go to Invite my employee so that, your employee can get a link for QuickBooks Online Workforce and they can type their personal information as well as as employment details.
  • Once the employee has completed this process, that employee will be visible in your active employee list in payroll but will show it as incomplete. 
  • Now just add/edit employment details such as tax information. Workplace pension, Pay schedule and pay history.
  • The process is completed.

Adding an employee to scheduled payroll in QuickBooks requires you to go through the employee center and add few details:

  • Choose Employees from the left-hand menu and Click on Add Employee.
  • Feed in employee’s personal details and then tap on Next.
  • Now, Enter Employment details such as start date, pay rate etc and then click on Next.
  • Type Bank Details and Account Type of the employee and then click on Next.
  • Enter in Tax File Declaration Information.
  • Then tap on Done. 


  1. A validation check will be performed on the tax file number entered in the tax file number field.
  2. If you haven’t provided your employee with a hard copy of the Tax File Declaration form, you can click the ATO TFN Declaration Form button to go to the ATO’s website and download one.

We hope that you are well aware of how to add employee to QuickBooks payroll. We discussed all the major things you need to do it. if you need any further assistance, we would suggest you give us a call on QuickBooks Data Service Solutions Toll-Free Number +1(855)-955-1942.

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