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Getting QuickBooks Error 3260? [Unable to Complete Transactions]

QuickBooks Status Code 3260

QuickBooks Point of Sale application is highly useful in managing offline and online store businesses. It helps you keep a record of your financial transactions and inventory. There are certain errors that you might get during the financial exchange between QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale and QuickBooks Desktop. One such error code that interrupts your working on the QB POS is QuickBooks Error 3260. It is a part of 3000 status code errors that occur due to a lack of access rights to your computer. The error message for the QuickBooks Status Code 3260 says,

Status code 3260: Status message: Insufficient permission level to perform this action

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Reasons behind QuickBooks Status Code 3260

The primary cause for QuickBooks status code 3260 is the lack of permissions for your computer. In simple words, your system does not have administrator rights so it cannot continue with the financial transactions that you are trying to complete. Another possible reason is the failure of the web connector to create transactions in the QuickBooks application. 

Things To Do Before You Resolve QuickBooks Error Status Code 3260

Before you move ahead with the steps to resolve QuickBooks Status Error 3260, make sure to create a backup of your QB Point of Sale file and QB Desktop files.

Steps to Create a Backup For Point of Sale File

  • From the File menu, then select the Back Up Data copy.
  • Now, specify the backup location:

    • Choose the Default Location option to backup the file to the default folder on your local drive.
    • Choose the Specify Alternate Location option to backup the file to a network or removable drive.

  • Then, hit Backup, then Finish.

Steps to Create a Backup For Your Desktop Company File Manually

  • You can backup your QuickBooks company files in the following manner:
  • In QB, go to the File menu and then click on Switch to Single-user Mode.
  • Then, go back to the File menu and then to the Backup Company and select Create Local Backup.
  • Now, in the window, choose Local Backup and then Next.
  • Then, in the Local Backup Only section, click Browse and then select the location to save your backup company file.
  • After this, you can also set the number of backups you want to keep.
  • Then, run a test to make sure the backup files are in good shape before you hit save.
  • Now, when you are easy, hit OK and Save it Now.

Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error 3260

There are three ways to fix QuickBooks error 3260. It includes changing the user’s permission and role, running the QuickBooks application as administrator, and logging into the QuickBooks desktop file as administrator. Let’s look into these methods in detail:

Every user profile on your system has a defined role and responsibility. QuickBooks Error Code 3260 can appear on your screen if the task you are trying to complete does not have the required roles and responsibilities. You can change these roles by following these steps:- 

  • Run QuickBooks Point of Sale and go to the Company tab. 
  • Now click on Users options and choose the Setup Users and Roles option, and a new window will open up.
  • Go to the User List tab and select the user you want to change permissions for.

Steps to change users roles and responsibilities

  • Click on the View Permission and Role button and tap on assigned roles.

Steps to fix QuickBooks Error Code 3260

  • You can now make changes in the assigned roles or add new roles if that is required.

Running an application in Administrator mode grants the user certain permissions, which may help you resolve QuickBooks insufficient permission level error 3260. These are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Press the Windows start button and go to the search bar.
  2. Type in QuickBooks Point of Sale and right-click on its icon.
  3. Select Properties and go to the Compatibility menu. 
  4. Tickmark the box for ‘Run this program as an Administrator’. 
  5. Then click on Apply and close the properties window.
  6. Now follow the same steps again for QuickBooks Desktop

Multiple users can access the company file simultaneously, and each user has a defined set of permissions. You may face QuickBooks error status code 3260 if the profile you are using does not have the required permissions. These are the steps you need to follow:

  • Run the QuickBooks Application and tap on the File menu.
  • Click on Switch to Single-user Mode.
  • Now again, tap on the File tab and select Close Company/Log off (The visible option depends upon the version of QuickBooks you are using).

QuickBooks Status Code 3260

  • Now log in to your company file from an Admin user profile.

Allow Experts to help you Fix QuickBooks Error 3260!

Running your application as an administrator grants a lot many permissions to the application and directs extra resources for it. We hope that it will help you fix QuickBooks Desktop Error 3260, but if the error still occurs on your system and you have no idea what should be done, contact an expert at QuickBooks Data Service Solutions helpline number +1-(855)-955-1942 and they will provide you with all the required technical assistance.

Question 1: When can I face QuickBooks error code 3260?

Ans: You can typically face the error code 3260 in QuickBooks while trying to perform some tasks in QB Point of Sale without having sufficient access permissions.

Question 2: How can I avoid QuickBooks Error Status Code 3260?

Ans: You can avoid the error status code 3260 in QuickBooks by making necessary changes to the assigned roles of the users or by assigning new roles to them if required.

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