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3 Verified Solutions To Rectify Quicken Error Code 163

Quicken Error Message 163

Being a Quicken user, you probably know how crucial it is to install the latest updates to streamline your business with the advanced features introduced. However, many times, while downloading the Quicken software or installing its latest updates, you might end up with Quicken error code 163. It occurs on various Windows versions such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 or associated with office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 365. It comes up with an error message that reads:

"The transfer from this establishment has failed. The present API doesn’t seem to be valid, please strive once later."

The error restricts you from downloading anything from your Quicken software. You might be wondering why it takes place? Well, it’s because the accounts area unit have been deactivated. Now, where the accounts have been activated, you have to restore the file backup or access a duplicate file. To continue working on the Quicken application without these issues, you need to resolve it at the earliest. Before you do, there are few causes that trigger this issue and you must be aware of them to make your troubleshooting easier. 

Why Am I Stuck With Quicken Error 163?

Apart from the above-mentioned instances, you may end up with Quicken Error Code 163 while performing other tasks such as printing, adding accounts, syncing, opening, uninstalling, deleting, removing, exporting and importing etc. To help you know, why it happens, we have listed the possible reasons below:

  • Slow internet connectivity or no internet connection.
  • It occurs due to incorrect installation of the Quicken software.
  • Any issue with your computer’s hardware can result in Quicken error code 163.
  • You might haven’t installed the latest Quicken updates.
  • The Quicken error 163 is also triggered by the cache and junk files present in the browser you are using to access Quicken software.

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After getting a brief on the possible reasons that result in Quicken error code 163, you must try to resolve it. To do so, you must follow the below-mentioned resolution methods:

Solution 1: Update your Internet Security Settings

Many times, when your computer fails to establish a stable internet connection, it results in Quicken error code 163. It can either be due to a server outage or default internet settings. Thus, in that case, you have to update your internet security settings. For doing so, you may proceed with the below-given steps:

  • Click on the Windows icon and select the Control Panel.

Note: In Windows 10, the Control Panel is located in the Windows System folder in the Start menu.

Open Control Panel from Windows

  • From there, select Network and Internet followed by Internet Options. 
  • Go to the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Security Section.
  • There, make sure to mark the Verify TLS 1.2 checkbox. If already checked, proceed to the If the issue persists section below.
  • Then, click on Apply followed by OK.
  • At last, try to install your update in Quicken once again.

Solution 2: Install latest Quicken Updates

When you download transactions from your bank, Quicken verifies whether you have installed the latest updates or not. If not, it gives you a prompt to update, which when not done may evoke Quicken error code 163. Follow the below-given steps to install the latest Quicken updates:

  • Go to Help> Check for Updates.

Note: If you aren’t able to see the Check for Updates option, then, you must proceed with the steps mentioned in the Update Quicken via the One Step Update section below.

Update Quicken to latest release

  • Moreover, if an update is available, a prompt will appear giving you the option to install it.
  • Click Yes to install the update.

Note: Make sure to exit Quicken once you run the update program. However, all your work is saved and thus, you can begin from where you left off as soon as the updates are installed.

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Steps to Update Quicken via One Step Update

As said, if you aren’t able to see the Check for Updates option, then, you can update via the One Step Update by following these steps:

  • Select Tools> One Step Update.
  • Click Update Now.
  • If an update is available, Quicken displays a message with a link to a description of what’s in the update, as well as an option to download the update.

Solution 3: Clear the Cache in your Internet Browser

Whenever you use an Internet browser, it saves the information from websites in its cache and cookies. At times, the cache can become bogged down with so much redundant and old data which potentially causes performance issues and may also result in several issues, Quicken error code 163 is one of them. Thus, you must clear the cache data as it prevents you from using old forms, keeps your data secure and helps your application run better on your computer.

  • Click the Windows icon and select the Control Panel. There, select Network and Internet> Internet Options.
  • Then, click on Delete.
  • Make sure there is a check next to Temporary Internet Files. However, the other checkmarks are optional.
  • Again, click on Delete.
  • When done, click OK.

Once you have followed the above-listed troubleshooting solutions, you would surely be able to resolve Quicken error code 163. However, there might be a situation, where you would still be stuck with the same issue due to unknown reasons. Thus, in that case, we would suggest you to get in touch with our experts by placing a call on QuickBooks Data Service Solutions Helpline Number +1(855)-955-1942 and get all your issues fixed.

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