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[SOLVED] QuickBooks Error OLSU 1014- American Express and Quicken Chase Visa

Quicken Chase Visa OLSU 1014 error

Users can connect their bank account with the QuickBooks Application and do multiple bank-related tasks such as downloading bank statements, doing transactions, etc. Sometimes there are problems in accessing the banking features from the QBD application because of errors that arise in the system. The OLSU error series in QuickBooks is entirely associated with online banking errors. We will specifically look into QuickBooks Error OLSU 1014. It occurs only for users of American Express and Quicken Chase Visa cards. 

Facing banking difficulties because of QuickBooks Bank Feed Error OLSU 1014? Worry not and simply contact our experts at +1-(855)-955-1942, and they will guide you on how to fix it.

When Does OLSU 1014 Error in QuickBooks Arise?

OLSU 1014 Error in QuickBooks arises in 2 different situations. The account holders other than American Express and Quicken chase visa card do not run into it. The instances are:- 

  • When the user is setting up an American Express account for bank feeds.
  • When the user download bank feeds information for a Quicken Chase Visa card.

There are two different cases for QuickBooks Error OLSU 1014. Each case has a specific solution. Let’s look at the ways to solve them:- 

Case 1: Facing OLSU Error When Setting Up American Express Account for Bank Feed

Some types of business accounts are not supported by American Express for Direct Connect feature. Users facing OLSU error when setting up American Express for bank feeds need to configure their account and download transactions through Direct Connect. These are the steps you need to follow:- 

  • Back up your company file to keep your data safe.

NOTEUsers can’t download transactions into the same QBD company file more than once. Web Connect feature work on for .qbo files. Other types of files, such as QFX and QIF Quicken, won’t work.

  • Now, click on the Banking tab and Go to Bank Feeds.
  • Choose the Bank Feeds center, and the Bank Account List will open up.
  • Select your American Express account from the list. You can edit or delete items in the Send items to your bank section.
  • Click on Download Transactions.

NOTE: You need to tap on the Transaction List if you have already downloaded them but are yet to view them.

  • Tap on Synchronize and then click on Sync this account if you want to download transactions for a specific account. Click on Sync all for this bank if you want to download transactions for all your accounts at American Express. 
  • Enter your PIN or password in the Access window to connect your bank. 
  • Finally tap on OK.

Case 2: OLSU 1014 Error Arising While Downloading Chase Online Bank Information

Quicken Visa Chase card support limited formats for downloading. They are QFX, Quicken QIF, and Comma Separated Values (CSV); QuickBooks does not support these. Users need to contact the Chase customer support team and ask them to add their Quicken Visa Chase card to the QuickBooks Financial Institution List. 

This is all about QuickBooks Error OLSU 1014. Always ensure that you have a strong internet connection before availing QuickBooks Online services. If your error is still not resolved and you need any assistance, contact QuickBooks Data Service Solutions Team at +1-(855)-955-1942, and they will guide you on how to fix it.

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