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How to Deal with QuickBooks Error 181016?

QuickBooks Error 181016

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) is an advanced accounting management system developed by Intuit, designed to help businesses efficiently manage their sales, inventory, and customer data. However, many times while updating the POS application or opening a new company file in it, you may get stuck over some specific errors like QuickBooks Error 181016. The issue typically occurs when you have issues with your company file or network connection. The error can also occur while doing a financial exchange through POS. Thus, it needs to be rectified before it turns into a big loss for the organization.

Follow the given article to know the troubleshooting steps to rectify the QuickBooks POS Error Code 181016 and perform the steps carefully.

What does the QuickBooks Error 181016 mean?

QuickBooks error 181016 is the QuickBooks Point of Sale error that appears when the user tries to open or convert QuickBooks Point of Sale Files. The users may face any of the given error messages while getting stuck on the QuickBooks POS Error Code 181016. The error message can be displayed as:

  • QuickBooks Error 181016 “ Problem, could not open the QuickBooks Point of Sale data: [company name].”
  • “Problem, could not create a company: [company name].”
  • Error 181021 “QuickBooks POS Message: 181021”
  • Error: Could not connect to /load database.

As mentioned earlier, all of the error messages indicate the same thing the user is having an issue with the QuickBooks POS. However, these can be triggered by multiple reasons, which are discussed below.

What are the Reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 181016?

Multiple reasons, including any issue with the name of your company file or problems with the QBD POS folder, cause QuickBooks POS Error 181016. Let us look at the other reasons that trigger the QuickBooks pos error code 181016.

  • You have not used a unique company name on your network.
  • You have installed more than one version of QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale on your computer.
  • You are not logged in as an Admin in Windows.
  • The QB Point of Sale company data folder on your system may be compromised.
  • The firewall on your system is blocking the ports that are used to access the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale database manager.
  • The TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) on your system is either not installed or is disabled. 
  • The POS Connection Troubleshooting can also result in QuickBooks POS Error Code 181016.

Some Basic System Requirements for QuickBooks Point of Sale

These are some of the basic systems requirements that your system should meet in order to run the application smoothly. If your system does not fulfill these requirements, you can face QuickBooks error 181016. The list of Requirements for QuickBooks POS is as follows:

  • Operating System: The list of compatible operating systems includes: 

  1. All editions of Windows 10, including 64-bit,  1.
  2. All natively installed editions, including 64-bit of Windows 8.1 (Update 1).
  3. All natively installed editions of Windows & SP1, including 64-bit (but only supported until January 2020).
  4. Windows Server 2016.
  5. Windows Server 2012 R2.
  6. Windows Server 2011 SP1.
  7. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and SP2 (but only supported until January 2020)

  • Processor Requirements: The processor requirements for Single users are set to at least 2GHz(2.8GHz recommended), and for multiple users, it is a minimum of 2.8 GHz (however, 3.5 GHz is recommended).
  • Other Requirements:

  1. RAM: RAM should be at least 4 GB, while 8 GB is recommended for better performance.
  2. Disk Storage: Your device should have at least 1 GB of disk space other than company data file storage.
  3. Windows: Your system should have the US version of Windows. However, if you have set the language to English, the regional settings should be supported on it. Also, remember that the windows should be natively installed on the system and should not have a virtual or emulated environment.
  4. Display Resolution: The display resolution of the device should be 1280 × 768 or higher.
  5. Optical Drive: The device should have a 4X DVD-ROM drive for DVD(CD) installations. 
  6. Microsoft Office 365 2010 or higher versions are the most compatible.
  7. QB Versions: QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0 works best with the QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier 2016-2019 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 16.0-19.0.

Things you need to take care of before troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 181016

Taking care of some minor things before troubleshooting can actually reduce the possibility of you adopting all the solutions. So, check out these given things before jumping into the resolutions.

  • Restart Your System First: Sometimes, these errors are temporarily triggered by some unsaved changes, and simply restarting the system can resolve the error.
  • Checking Point of Sale Applications: Check if you do not have more than one QB Desktop Point of Sale application on your system. In case you have, just keep the one and uninstall the other.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 181016

To troubleshoot the QuickBooks error 181016, you need to try any of the methods from the below-given troubleshooting methods. These methods include logging in to your windows as an admin, testing the data or the company file and others.

Solution 1: Log in to your Windows as an Admin

  1. Press the Windows key along with R on your keyboard to open the Run window.
  2. There Enter the word Control Panel and then press OK.

open the Run window

  1. From the drop-down menu, choose View and then select the Small icon there.
  2. Now, you need to select the User Accounts option there.

select the User Accounts option

  1. Then, tap on Manage another account option.
  2. Make sure that you log in as the Windows Administrator.

Solution 2: Check that only One Company File is using the Same Name.

If more than one company file has the same name, it can surely trigger the  QuickBooks error 181016 on your screen. Follow these steps to find if any company files have a common name.

  1. Click on the File tab and then select the Company Operations option.
  2. Next, click on the Open Existing Company option.
  3. If more than one company having the same name appears on your screen, you need to rename one of the files.

Steps to rename the company file

  1. Again go to the File tab and then click on Company Operations.
  2. Next, choose the Rename Company option and then hit Next.
  3. Now, enter a new name to Rename the file.

Solution 3: Verify any possible data damage problem

Sometimes any damage to the data file can also cause the QuickBooks error 181016 to appear on your screen. So to check for any data damage, you need first to create a test file and then test if it works properly. After you verify everything, you can restore your backup data file.

Step first is to create a test file:

  1. Tap on the File section and then choose the Company Operations option.
  2. Now, choose the option Create a new company and then hit Next.

Create a new company

  1. After that, give it a unique file name and click Create.

Step second is to restore the database file:

  1. First, tap on the File sections and go to Company Operations.
  2. Then, click the option  Restore from backup and hit Next.
  3. Now, tap on the  Browse to alternate the backup file option and then hit the Browse button.
  4. After that, you need to go to the location C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\Data\[your company name].
  5. There, click on the QBPOS.DB file, Open it and then click OK.

QuickBooks restore the database file

  1. Then enter a new and unique company file name for it.
  2. Lastly, hit OK to save the file name.

Solution 4: Rename the company file to resolve the QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 181016

  1. First, browse your company file location on your device. The location would be C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks POS XX\Data\[your company name].
  2. Then click right on your company file name folder and hit the  Rename option.
  3. Now, you need to enter a new file name. (You can add a letter or number if you do not wish to change the entire name, for example, add ABC1 or ABCNew)
  4. Lastly, you need to reopen the company file. (The one whose  name was just changed.)

Solution 5: Use the QBPOS Troubleshoot Connection Tool

You can also download and run the QBPOS Troubleshoot Connection tool to rectify QuickBooks POS Database Manager error 181016.

If you have Windows 7 and higher version, then you need to download and use the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0. However, for the other versions, you need to download and use the QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 12.0. Just download it from the official website, and it can help you fix the problems arising from the damaged TCP/IP settings. It can also be used to rectify other problems causing issues with QBPOS, including firewall settings. It can also help you initialize the database manager and install QB Desktop POS as a server.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps will help you resolve QuickBooks Error 181016, and you will be able to use the QB Point of Sale without any interruptions. However, if you are still facing the error even after the given steps and you require additional assistance to fix it, then connect with our experts at the toll-free number +1-(855)-955-1942.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What does the error message for QuickBooks error 181016?

Ans: You can see different types of variations for the error message of QuickBooks error 181016. Two of the messages are given below:
1. Problem, could not open the QuickBooks Point of Sale data: [company name].”
2. “Problem, could not create a company: [company name].”

Question 2: From where can I download the QBPOS Troubleshoot Connection Tool?

Ans: You can download the  QBPOS Troubleshoot Connection Tool from the official website of QuickBooks.

Question 3: What does the QBPOS Troubleshoot Connection tool do?

Ans: The QBPOS Troubleshoot Connection tool helps you in:
1. Initializing the database manager properly.
2. Installing QB Point of Sale as a server.
3. By making sure that the Firewall does not block database access.
4. Enabling the TCP/IP protocol.

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