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Fix ‘Select a Bank Account for This Deposit QuickBooks’ Error

Select a Bank Account for This Deposit QuickBooks

Many users have connected their accounts with the QuickBooks application and complained about Select a Bank Account for This Deposit QuickBooks error. When you try to add or download transactions to your system, you might get this error. In the next part of the blog you will get aware of the possible causes that bring forth the QuickBooks online select a bank account for this deposit error.

'select a bank account for this deposit' error message
Select a Bank Account for this Deposit

If you came across QuickBooks error “select a bank account for this deposit” and are facing difficulty trying to fix it, we will advise you to reach out to us at +1-(855)-955-1942.

When does the QuickBooks Error “Select a Bank Account for this Deposit” occur?

Multiple things can cause QuickBooks Online “Select a Bank Account for this Deposit” error. A few of those instances are:- 

  • When you are trying to move undeposited funds to cash(Bank account).
  • While using the “Add” button on your banking page.
  • When you try to add another bank account.

Causes of QuickBooks Online error “Select a Bank Account for this Deposit”

The reasons for Error “QuickBooks online select a bank account for this deposit” include technical issues (such as browser cache) as well as human error (wrong date of recording). Let’s look at a few things that can possibly lead to this error:- 

  • If you have entered the wrong bank account information.
  • The date of receiving payment you entered in your application is different from the actual date of receiving payment.
  • Old cache and cookies are creating an issue.
  • You are choosing a customer as a part of the deposit, but you haven’t actually received a payment from them.

4 easy Solutions to fix the “Select a bank account for this deposit” QuickBooks error include running it in a private browser or changing your bank information. Execute the given process:

Solution 1- Log-in through Incognito Window

Pre-existing caches can lead to the error “QuickBooks online select a bank account for this deposit”. You should utilize QuickBooks in a private window. Each browser has certain keys through which you can run the Incognito window. Press the keys as per your browser:- 

  • Command+Shift+N : ForSafari.
  • CTRL+Shift+N : For Google. 
  • CTRL+Shift+P : For Mozilla Firefox and Windows Edge.

Solution 2- Clear Cache from your Browser

Cache files are saved by your browser on your system in order to load them faster the next time you visit it. Sometimes, they cause hindrances while you are working as they get older and outdated. Go through the site of your web browser for step by step guide on how to clear cache from your browser:- 

Solution 3- Banking Info must be Updated

Try to use Edit Option to enter your banking information. The information you are adding should be correct. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Tap on the Banking Menu.
  • Choose Update.
  • You need to type your updated username and password-

    1. Click on Reconnect my Account if error 103 appears on your screen.
    2. Select Edit and then tap on Edit sign-in info if no error appears.

  • Now click on Save and connect.
  • Tap on I’m done let’s go!

Solution 4- Change Bank Account

Wrong bank account settings might be a reason why the “select a bank account for this deposit” error appears on your screen. There are 2 different settings option:

  1. Standard Deposit: Add your bank routing and account number to link a bank account for conventional funding events (non-Instant Deposit).
  2. Instant deposit: For Instant Deposit financing events, link a debit card. If you have a QuickBooks Cash account, the debit card associated with that account is already linked.

NOTE: The steps to update both of these accounts are different.

Steps to update your Standard Deposit Account:

Look at the steps in order to update your Standard Deposit Account:

  • Use a web browser to log in to QuickBooks Online. Make sure you don’t use a mobile app or GoPayments.

  • Select Account and settings from the drop-down menu under Settings.

  • Go to Payments tab from the drop-down menu. Select Change bank from the Deposits column next to Standard Deposits.

  • Click Add new bank account.

  • Add banking details of the bank account you want to change to. 

  • When you’re finished, click Save.

To update your Instant Deposit Account, follow the given steps:

  • Tap on Settings and then click on Account and Settings.

  • Go to the Payments tab and then look through the Deposit accounts section.

  • Click on Change in order to edit your instant deposit info.

NOTE: Select the 0% fee option if you’re switching from a personal debit card to a QuickBooks Cash debit card.  

  • Click on Save and then Done. 

NOTE: You are not allowed to save multiple debit cards on file.

However, if you are getting the issue on QuickBooks Point of Sale, then you have to go to the Merchant Service Center and change your account there.

Steps to make changes in the Merchant Service Center for QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • First, you would need to sign in to the Merchant Service Center.

  • Then, go to the Account menu, followed by the Account Profile option.

  • After that, in the Deposit Account Information section, hit the Edit button.

  • Now, fill in the details in the New bank account section.

  • Then, look for the Routing Number field, and enter the bank’s routing number. [Tip:  You can look for the routing number in your check, but if it is not handy, look it up online.]

  • Then you have to go to the Account Number field, and enter the number of accounts you need to change to. You need to enter it twice in the Confirm Account Number field to confirm it.

  • Also, you need to make sure that the name you have put in the Account Holder/Doing Business As field exactly matches the name of the bank account owner.

  • Then, choose an option on the  Reason for this account change dropdown.

  • Once you have done all this, hit the Submit button.

So, hopefully, you now know what to do if you receive the QuickBooks error “Select a bank account for this deposit.” If you have any questions, please contact our staff, and give us a call on QuickBooks Data Service Solutions Helpline Number +1-(855)-955-1942.


1. Why am I facing the select a bank account for this deposit error in QuickBooks?

You can face the error select a bank account for this deposit in QuickBooks if there is wrong bank account information in the application or even if you have selected the wrong bank account settings.

2. Can I change my account from the mobile app or GoPayments?

No, you can not change your account from the mobile application or GoPayments; you will need to sign in to QB Online in a web browser to do so.

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